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11 Digital Marketing Trends for Small to Medium Business Owners in 2021

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11 Digital Marketing Trends for Small to Medium Business Owners in 2021

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, and it’s hard to keep up with all the trends. That’s why we’ve put together this post for you—so that you can stay on top of it all and be prepared for what is coming next! Keep reading below to find out about the 11 most significant digital marketing trends in 2021.

Trend #1: Your marketing plan will need to be more robust than ever before. This means approaching your plan from all angles and not skipping over techniques and strategies just because you are low on time.

Trend #2: You’ll have to adjust your content for mobile devices. Most browsing is now done on phones or tablets, and your content needs to display well on these screens. This is a top digital marketing trend for 2021 and an established best practice.

Trend #3: Keep an eye on the growing number of platforms and apps available online. There are so many that it can be hard to keep track! Make sure that you are covering the most relevant ones for your industry.

Trend #4: Use visuals to engage with customers online—think about adding infographics, short videos, and images into your digital marketing to pull more eyes to your content and allow for it to be consumed quickly.

Trend #5: If your business is local, then it’s worth getting a location-based app. These are really popular for checking in and promoting deals to nearby customers, so keep an eye out!

Trend #6: Users are more likely to share your content if it’s interactive and engaging! This means getting people involved by asking questions, sharing videos, or making polls.

Trend #7: You need a strong social media presence in 2021, so take some time to build up your follower base now! Which platforms are best will depend on your customer demographics.

Trend #8: Set up your Google My Business page. Without this, many people will treat your company as if it doesn’t exist.

Trend #9: Consider implementing chatbots for customer service online. They can answer questions and provide helpful information about your products while giving customers the instant response they crave.

Trend #10: Keep an eye on augmented reality as it is only going to become more popular with users over time. This is a new trend in digital marketing, and while you might not see how it is relevant to your business right now, chances are this will become clearer as the use of AR becomes more commonplace in marketing.

Trend #11: Update your website regularly—you don’t want it looking out of date, do you? If possible, update the design every year or so and add new content on a regular basis, focusing on SEO optimization for Atlanta.

If you want to increase your traffic and bottom line, it’s time for a digital marketing tune-up. You can improve your strategy easily by partnering with SEO Guru Atlanta, your SEO specialist in Cumming. Contact us today to get started!

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