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3 Tips to Creating Gated Content That’s Worth the Download

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3 Tips to Creating Gated Content That's Worth the Download

If you’re looking for ways to increase lead generation and conversions on your website, you may have heard of the term ‘gated content.’ But what is gated content, exactly? And more importantly, how can you create gated content worth downloading for your visitors?

What Is Gated Content?

Gated content is any material requiring readers to fill out a form to access it, such as white papers, long-form blog entries, infographics, webinars, videos, and e-books. Gating content generates leads for sales and marketing teams by requiring potential customers to hand over contact information to view valuable content.

For example, a software company may offer an e-book on website design best practices in exchange for a visitor’s name and email address. By gating this content, the company captures leads that sales can follow up with to close new business deals.

How To Use Gated Content That’s Worth the Download?

1) Use Landing Pages

Use a landing page to promote your gated content. A landing page is a web page type that appears in response to clicking on an online advertisement. A landing page converts website visitors into leads or customers.

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To create an effective landing page, start by including a compelling headline and sub-headline that explain what the visitor will get after downloading your content. Then, use images, videos, or testimonials to support your offer. Finally, include a call-to-action (CTA) that encourages the visitor to download your content.

2)  Keep the Form Short

No one enjoys filling out a lengthy online form. The shorter you can keep it, the better. Just ask for the essentials, like name and email address. You can always get more information later down the road. If you’re offering an e-book or white paper, list a few key points that will be covered. It will give potential leads a taste of what they can expect without giving away too much.

3) Follow-up With Leads

According to HubSpot, “42% of companies with gated content report increasing their number of leads by using forms to gate their content.” Having a plan for what you will do with the leads that come from your gated content is crucial.

One way to follow up with leads is to use an email autoresponder. When someone downloads your gated content, they can be automatically added to an email list where they will get a series of follow-up emails.

These emails can provide additional valuable information related to the original gated content and help nurture the lead further and turn them into a paying customer.

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