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4 Ways to Improve SEO For Ecommerce Websites

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Improve SEO For Ecommerce Websites

If you run an ecommerce store in 2020, chances are that your traffic plan includes primarily paid social media, influencer marketing, and Google Shopping ads. Maybe you even have an Amazon store to go along with it. It’s not common for ecommerce store owners to think much less about SEO than about other, more immediate traffic generation methods. However, SEO is still important for ecommerce!

Even though it’s 2020, SEO for ecommerce still matters greatly and could be a solid foundation for building a successful online business.

Why SEO For Ecommerce Matters

SEO for ecommerce is one of the greatest, most time-tested ways to get free, highly-targeted traffic to your website. In fact, traffic gained from organic search is some of the best traffic that you can possibly get: even if it’s cold.

Why? Because the people searching for you are doing just that: they’re SEARCHING for YOU. They have an itch that you can scratch, and they’re willing to search for the solution. However, if you’re not on the SERPs, they will go to your competitor and you can say goodbye to that customer.

Now you know why SEO for ecommerce is so important, how can you improve your ecommerce store’s SEO?

4 Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Site’s SEO


Keyword research

No SEO strategy begins without keyword research. We’ve written plenty of articles on the topic so far, so we won’t go into detail about keyword research. However, you can start your keyword research by going to Google’s Keyword Planner and following the instructions. Start with keywords that relate to your ecommerce site’s main offerings, and go from there.

Content creation

Making good, highly targeted blog posts for potential buyers is not only an excellent way to get SEO traffic, but it’s a good way to convince people to purchase your products. You’re going to want to create content by coming up with highly relevant ideas, looking at the keywords that relate to them, and writing excellent content around them.

Optimize your product pages

Want to get the highest converting traffic from SEO? Target people who are already looking to buy your products. By optimizing your product pages for specific product keywords, you can take advantage of this traffic. Your product pages aren’t only going to appear in the main SERPs; they will appear in Google Shopping as well. Optimizing your product feed for Google Shopping is also a must if you aim to get traffic this way.

One big aspect to optimizing product pages is by optimizing your reviews on the product page to be read by Google. This is done by getting your reviews feed to push their content onto your site as HTML code, rather than appearing in an IFRAME or loading via external Javascript code.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Any ecommerce site owner cares deeply about their conversion rate. By spending some time optimizing your website’s overall conversion rate from landing page to purchase, you will be getting the most out of the traffic that your SEO efforts have given you. This will ultimately lead to your SEO efforts giving a much greater ROI. Use these 4 E-Commerce conversion rate optimization hacks to double your conversion

In Summary

  • SEO is important for ecommerce stores in 2020 because organic search traffic is still excellent traffic.
  • Good content is the cornerstone of any strong SEO strategy.
  • Optimize your website’s overall conversion rate to get a greater ROI on SEO efforts in 2020.