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5 Easy & Quick Ways To Improve Local SEO

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5 Easy & Quick Ways To Improve Local SEO

Are you running or representing a local business that needs to get ranked on Google, fast? It’s 2022, and the game is a little different from what it used to be.

Local SEO isn’t rocket science, but it can be a bit particular. Here are 5 easy and quick ways to improve your business’s local SEO!

Internal Link Optimization

Inbound links and backlinks aren’t the only consideration with local SEO. Internal links are also important, as the structure of these links will help Google understand the structure of your website.

You want your internal links to follow a logical hierarchical structure so that PageRank flows down in a systematic manner. Don’t worry too much about the implications of this: just make sure your link structure is logical and hierarchical with top pages linking to lower-level pages.

To optimize your internal links, you will need to understand where your traffic is coming from: each keyword you rank for, and each traffic source you use. From there, your links should lead closer and closer down the site to the ideal final conversion (a call booking, a product purchase, a newsletter subscription) that is related to your focus keyword.

Improve & Submit Old Pages

Simple improvements to existing pages can be made to make them more SEO friendly. Some examples include making your pages more comprehensive (more headlines, images, videos, and total word count) and changing how those pages link to other pages on your site.

Once you make these changes, you will want to resubmit the page in Search Console so that Google’s crawlers can go through the site without having to wait for search traffic.

Fix Your 301 Redirects

Your 301 Redirects could be causing more issues than you know. There could be redirect chains, often caused by SSL (https://) versions of pages being redirected to. To fix these, contact your web host or your developer so that once someone lands on your page, they’re automatically redirected to HTTPS. Then, make sure that all links on the page link to HTTPS.

Fixing these could be an easy correction to local SEO link juice flow problems.

Optimize for How To Searches

If you’ve seen recent search results, you notice that many how-to questions will show a big box with the answer and a link to the site. That site should be yours!

To get this, you will want to use FAQ structured data. Google has the documentation for FAQ structured data here, so you or your developer can set it up on your site!

Voice Search Optimization

As more and more people use their voice command options on their phones, voice searches will grow. People are less likely to type “real estate agent Atlanta” and more likely to ask “OK Google, where can I find a real estate agent in Atlanta?”

Your site should keep this in mind. To see what people are likely saying through voice search, look at the “People Also Ask” box in the search results. These appear on mobile and desktop and are a gold mine for content to add to your site!