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5 Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Always Consider

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5 Important Google Ranking Factors You Should Always Consider

No matter what type of business you have, your company won’t be around for long if your customers cannot find you. And how do modern customers find business? It is almost always online.

Even brick-and-mortar stores need to have a solid Google search ranking to keep traffic coming through their front door. But what are the search engine ranking factors the algorithms are looking at? Here are the ones we always focus on as part of our search engine optimization in Cumming.

Site Security

Since 2014, site security has been a Google ranking factor. However, it has now become one of the most important ones they look at. To score well here, you need HTTPS encryption and an SSL certificate.


This is a feature that allows search engines to scan through a website to evaluate its content. If your website lacks crawlability, search engines can’t even find it. While it won’t do a lot to boost your ranking, it is essential to even having one.

Mobile Display

Over half of all internet searches are made on mobile devices—cell phones and tablets. Because these screens are different in size from desktops and laptops, websites made for traditional computers look terrible on mobile devices. Mobile friendliness is an SEO ranking factor that all search engines look for.

Load Speed

Google wants to ensure that users have a good experience with the websites that rank highest in their search results. This is why load speed is a ranking factor. No matter the device someone is searching on, your page load speed will matter, but for those on mobile devices, this factor is weighted even more.


Keywords aren’t the end-all and be-all for search engine optimization in Cumming anymore. However, they still are incredibly important. Keywords need to be chosen strategically and naturally woven throughout your content in order to appeal to the Google algorithms. You should incorporate a mixture of global and local SEO as part of your strategy.

Understanding Google ranking factors is essential to how to drive traffic to your website. However, these factors are often changing, with new ones being added and old ones being modified. If you aren’t looking to make SEO your second full-time job, turn the work over to us. We understand all the ranking factors in SEO and how to optimize your web presence.