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5 Video SEO Benefits

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5 Video SEO Benefits

Video SEO, also known as VSEO, is an underrated part of search engine optimization. But the business owners who leverage this powerful marketing approach can drive more traffic and conversions to grow their business.

Let’s talk about the top ways that using video in your search marketing can give you an edge over your competition:

The 5 Main Benefits of Video SEO Marketing

1. Climb the Search Engine Ranks

One of the best video SEO benefits is that Google rewards you for having additional media (like video) on your page, instead of just text.

It shows Google that you’re providing value in more ways than one.  In addition, you can appear in the Video Search tab — giving you another touch point with potential visitors.

2. Drive YouTube Traffic

If there’s any indication that video is powerful, it’s the fact that YouTube has surpassed Google as the largest search engine in the world.

Video marketing and SEO go hand in hand when you consider that a huge portion of your traffic is likely to come from users browsing YouTube, and especially from mobile devices.

Treat YouTube as another SEO play, optimizing video titles and descriptions to drive traffic that might not otherwise find you.

Learn More: How to Optimize Youtube Videos to Rank on Top

3. Repurpose Website Content

Your blog posts can be turned into video to create additional content around the same keywords.

With the help of a SEO agency in Atlanta, you can take standard written content and turn it into video SEO that doubles down on traffic and conversions.

4. Backlinks

When it comes to SEO marketing, video helps in another way — it gives you more potential backlinks. If someone shares your video, it’s another avenue for traffic from industry blogs and influencers that feel like your content is useful.

Referral traffic can be driven from your YouTube bio or descriptions — killing two birds with one stone.

5. Use Video SEO to Reach Multiple Channels

Videos create higher engagement in many contexts. Since Google looks at factors like engagement and time-on-page when ranking web pages, you can climb the ranks when you provide video content.

Don’t just rely on Google though. Share your video on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms to increase overall traffic organically.

See What Video SEO Can Do For You

Discover how creating video content with SEO in mind can drive more visitors, customers, and loyal fans to your brand.

Contact SEO Guru Atlanta today and learn why video SEO is the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.