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7 Principles of Website Design That Drives Sales

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7 Principles of Website Design That Drives Sales 1
A business needs to have an online presence regardless of its size or the kind of business it’s in. A website is an excellent way to create an online presence and while it’s easy to create a website using the many available free platforms, it’s better to get an expert that does website design cumming or mobile website design Atlanta to create one for you. Since many websites are in existence, yours must stand out from the rest. A well-done website has a positive impact on your business as it can help you drive up sales. Below are 7 principles of website design that drives sales.

Best Practices for Increasing Sales on Your Website

Keep it simple

It is paramount that you don’t overcomplicate the site so that the users can have an easy time scrolling through and reading content. A website that has too many elements, colors, images, and videos will be too distracting to visitors and negatively impact conversion rates.

Consider whitespace

It is so easy to overlook white space also known as negative space, space that’s found in-between website elements such as icons, images, page sections, etc. Proper use of white space during website design will help you create a website that’s pleasing to the eye.

Create excellent content

Visitors to your website are looking for information and they must be able to get that from their visit. Make good use of your selected keywords and ensure that your website is well optimized as it is one of the 4 ways to improve your e-commerce site SEO. Besides being excellent, the content should also be well formatted and relevant to the target audience.

Make it easy to navigate

Since visitors will be moving around your website, it’s important that it’s easy to navigate. Ensure that all your important information can be accessed within three clicks. Use navigation elements like headers, sidebars, and footers correctly.

Minimize distractions

For you to enhance the user experience, your website should have minimal distractions. No visitor wants to stay on a site where sound and audio auto-plays, pop-ups are excessive or the background images are loud. Even the slightest of distractions can cause a visitor to leave the site.

Pay attention to your conversion rates on the website

Ensure that you check the running and performance of your website regularly don’t let it run on autopilot. Carry out a thorough analysis of your website and ensure that it converts well. There are a variety of tools like Google analytics that you can use to check your page.

Follow best practices for user experience

It’s important to consider the overall user experience as it impacts conversion rates. Ensure that your website is easy to use, the aesthetics are appealing and the information architecture is well organized. The visitors on your website might not remember everything they read on the website but they will remember the kind of experience they had.