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AI In Seo: What You Need To Know

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AI In Seo: What You Need To Know

AI in SEO is promising to change the marketing and search engine landscape. Using ai for SEO can increase productivity and marketing workflow. Companies small and large are looking to technology to improve their outreach, traffic, and growth strategies.

So in this article, let’s talk about the role of artificial intelligence and SEO. That way you can ensure you’re leveraging this technology to grow your own brand.

What is AI in SEO?

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has already become a part of daily life. If you’ve heard of chat GPT or any major search engines utilizing AI, such as Bing and Google, then you know that the software is here to stay.

AI has already existed for some time now. For instance, Grammarly is a writing software that’s already leveraged AI.

Essentially, AI for SEO helps improve research, writing, content generation, and more. AI can even look at performance metrics to identify potential gaps or areas for improvement.

How Can AI Be Used in SEO?

Some of the major SEO platforms help you with data analysis and high-level pattern identification that you wouldn’t notice otherwise. To expand more on how AI SEO automation is helpful, SEOs used to do everything by hand.

It’s still important to understand the core principles of SEO and be able to do it manually. But leveraging technology simply allows teams to achieve the same results in a shorter period of time.

This opens up their day to look for unique ways to differentiate their clients and their businesses.

AI for On-Site Optimization

There are certain optimization platforms that allow publishers to automate internal linking, structured data, and other on-page factors for SEO.

For instance, artificial intelligence for SEO like this can provide users with the most updated version of the schema vocabulary. This supports all entity types. Using this data, you can render context cards for pages, recommended similar content, and build out links.

These are all important factors for SEO. Additionally, using things like semantic keywords and LSI keywords are important for building out relevancy on your page. While somebody can brainstorm these ideas by hand, software allows you to accomplish the same feat in a mere second.

Scaling with AI for SEO

You can scale using SEO AI software in a number of ways, such as:

  • Data analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Content planning
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Interlinking optimization
  • Page content optimization
  • Programmatic titles
  • Optimized headings
  • Creation of schema

AI with Content Creation

In content creation, it’s a very creative field. There are several subjective choices that you need to make.

Ultimately AI can help bridge the gap between content creators and technical SEO. This allows search marketers to identify the best keywords to build around when writing an article.

AI for Content Optimization

AI is able to parse search queries and content incredibly quickly. This helps build out the development workflow in a fraction of the typical time that it would take. Thus not only can you use AI content tools that are readily available, you can create your own internally with the right development skills.

Using AI for Keyword Research

Finding the right primary, long tail, and LSI keywords can be quite a task. In fact, it’s one of the most time consuming parts of optimizing search engine rankings.

That being said, several AI programs offer to identify hidden keywords that might not have been thought of before.

Drawbacks and Considerations for AI and SEO

It’s important to be careful with the use of AI and SEO. You don’t want to create spammy content or content that’s the same as everyone else’s.

One of the things that AI does is that it can repeat itself. It’s incredibly important to create human written unique content.

Otherwise, search engines may feel that the content is low value and therefore not as relevant to their audience. As long as you’re serving the audience’s needs, your content still has a good chance of ranking your site higher. Finding that balance is best left to the experts.

Embrace the future of SEO with AI

When you work with an agency like SEO Guru Atlanta, you get the best SEO agency in Cumming and the surrounding area. We understand how to use AI for SEO in a way that meets your business goals while using technology at the highest level.

That way you can rest assured you’re expanding your reach, gaining new customers, and ultimately hitting your KPIs.

So Contact Us today and discover how the right team and technology can assist you in greater success.