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Artificial Intelligence In SEO: How Can It Boost Rankings?

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Artificial Intelligence In SEO: How Can It Boost Rankings?

Using Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is becoming increasingly common. The ability to leverage technology to save time has always appealed to marketers and entrepreneurs.

But what’s AI in the first place? And how can you use Artificial Intelligence in SEO to gain an advantage in search rankings?

In this article, you’ll get the answers to those questions, as well as the one thing you should not use AI for in your SEO.

What is AI?

AI — or artificial intelligence — is a catch-all term for technologies that mimic human tasks, speech, and creations.

The term AI is often interchangeable with similar terms like natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and machine learning (ML).

At its heart, AI can automate otherwise time-consuming and repetitive tasks that humans prefer not to do.

What is AI for SEO?

AI for SEO is simply leveraging this powerful technology to get more SEO tasks done in less time than it would take a human being. One of AI’s strengths is analyzing large amounts of data and identifying patterns. Apart from that, the use of artificial intelligence for SEO is almost endless.

Another application of AI is for Social Media Optimization (SMO). While that is outside the scope of this post, you can learn more about how social media helps your business grow here: The Key Difference Between SEO & SMO

Artificial Intelligence In SEO: 5 Ways To Boost Rankings

AI and SEO go together quite well. It would be impossible to fit every single benefit of AI for your search engine optimization here in this article. But there are some particularly powerful ones to focus on.

So here are the top 5 ways that AI can supercharge your search engine rankings:

1. Trend Spotting

Again, AI is great at combing through huge amounts of data and analyzing the consistent patterns.

This makes it perfect for understanding top-ranking content and potential gaps in your SEO that need to be plugged if you’re going to compete on page one.

It might take a person, or even a large team of people, months to comb through 1,000’s of articles and find hidden keyword opportunities.

AI can do that in minutes.

2. Content Outlining

One of the most time-consuming aspects of SEO is actually creating the content itself. Instead of manually looking at top performing pages for your target keyword, let AI do it.

AI can identify the right type and number of content sections to include. From here, you just have to “fill in the blanks” with compelling content.

You don’t have to think about what kind of content to create. Instead, you or your team can simply focus on writing.

3. Make Your Content Easy to Read

Content that’s easy to consume creates more engagement, lower bounce rates, and better rankings.

AI SEO tools like Grammarly can analyze your content to suggest ways to make it more skimmable, less confusing, and 100% error-free.

4. Capture More Voice Search Traffic

Voice SEO (VSEO) has quickly become an important part of any SEO strategy. The ease and accuracy of using voice-activated assistants to conduct web searches

Most people conduct voice searches using questions. AI SEO tools like Frase can help you understand the right questions to include in your content to rank higher for VSEO.

Most voice searches are in the form of questions, so one of the main ways to optimize for VSEO is by answering the questions people are asking.

VSEO is very competitive, so any edge you can get will reward your efforts exponentially.

5. Optimize at Scale

There is a lot of tedious labor that goes into getting great SEO results. AI has changed the game by allowing you to optimize technical SEO in a fraction of the time.

Software like Alli AI can perform audits, correct duplicate issues, and help you create briefs that follow the right structure for high ranking content.

When to Avoid Using AI for SEO

With so many applications for AI-powered SEO, it’s clear to see why you should use it. But when is it not a good idea to rely on AI?

When it comes to writing the content itself, AI has one major downfall — lack of originality.

There are already several tools that can detect AI-written content. And you better believe that Google, Bing, and other search engines can detect it as well.

Search engines reward content that is unique and valuable. If your on-page SEO content is just a rearranged word salad from other sources, it likely won’t rank highly in the near future.

So while you should use AI to save time on more technical and analysis based tasks, you ultimately want your content to have a human touch.

How to Get the Most Out of AI

Creating high-ranking content is no easy feat. While AI has sped up many of the mundane aspects of the process, it can’t replace human experts just yet. So if you want to improve your rankings, contact SEO Guru today. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization in Atlanta and across the U.S.