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Bring Old Blog Posts Back to Life Strategies that Work

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Bring Old Blog Posts Back to Life Strategies that Work

It’s important to keep your blog content updated and engaging. You don’t want visitors coming back to find old, outdated blog content. But this doesn’t always mean creating new posts; instead, you can revive old blogs. In this post, we will explore some strategies that work for bringing your old blog posts back to life!

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Rework and Update Useful Content

If you’ve written a post about social media but have since become obsessed with Snapchat, it’s probably time to update that outdated piece of content! Your audience will thank you if they can find helpful tips on the topics they’re most interested in.

Provide an Update That Includes New Information or Research

If you’ve written a detailed guide on how to do something but then have had success with another tactic, write a follow-up blog post and add it as a link in your original piece of content! The update post doesn’t need to be very long since it is essentially piggy-backing on the old post and reviving it.

Format the Post into a Listicle

If you have an older blog post that is still relevant, don’t just repost your own content. Instead, consider reformatting it as a top ten or “best of” list to help boost organic search rankings and keep the content on your site fresh!

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Share the Post on Your Socials

This is one of the easiest ways to get your readers excited about something they may have missed previously on your site. You can even use this as an opportunity to put out some relevant hashtags so that people who are interested in your topic can find your post!

Optimize the Images

This will refresh an old post and ensure that you get even more traffic from search engines like Google, which often rely on image content for increased engagement with users searching for information online.

For example, if there’s a graph or chart included in an older blog post, consider updating the image and adding it to Pinterest or Instagram! This can help extend your reach and get more people on board with sharing your content.

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