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Different Types of SEO Techniques

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Different Types of SEO Techniques 1

Search engine optimization, (or SEO), is an important marketing strategy that increases the visibility of websites. Many website owners mistakenly believe that there is only one type of SEO technique. In reality, there are several different types of SEO in digital marketing, which we will be delving into in the article below. In so doing, we will establish the importance of managing your social media effectively.

Black Hat SEO

If someone was on a budget and deciding which types of SEO techniques to use, this is when they might consider using the black hat strategy. This involves using cost-cutting measures to ensure that your website gets ranked higher. Tactics could include hiding white-text keywords on a white background, posting “fluff” content, or plagiarizing. Keep in mind that this type of SEO technique is not recommended, as it poses the risk of your website getting banned or having its rankings lowered.

White Hat SEO

Using a white hat SEO strategy would imply that you are following recommended guidelines. For this type, examples would include writing relevant information that answers a user’s query, posting positive promotions on social media pages, and ensuring neat, organized content. This method does tend to get more expensive, but there are fewer risks in the end. Between the two types of SEO techniques, white and black hat, white hat is the preferred method to use, if possible.

If you have an interest in achieving this type of strategy by working with a SEO company, Atlanta has many options to choose from, including SEO Guru. They can help you optimize your social media pages and increase the visibility of your online presence.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat is aptly named, as it falls in between white and black hat SEO. Some tactics will be directly adhering to Google’s guidelines, while others will not be. Some examples of these methods include having clickbait with no value, paying for reviews, and posting content that is very similar to others. As with the black hat method, remember that your website may lose credibility if you utilize deceptive SEO tactics.

Negative SEO

This method involves using deceptive black or grey techniques on a competitor’s website. This will decrease their search rankings and increase yours. To do this, you would post negative reviews, hack and modify their content, or add irrelevant, malicious links to their site.

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