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Enhancing SEO: Site Structure And Why It Matters

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Enhancing SEO: Site Structure And Why It Matters

When it comes to the structure of a website, it’s different from the structure of a building, a house or a car. Writing and creating content for the web is very unique.

So in this blog post, let’s talk about what a structure of a website is, how it relates to SEO and why it’s important. That way, you can make the best decisions for your company’s growth online.

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What Is Site Structure?

Site structure refers to the way that your content is organized. This involves different categories and tags, taxonomies, links, navigation, and breadcrumbs.

At a higher level, the structure of a website typically consists of the following:

  • Home page
  • Categories
  • Subcategories
  • Individual pages and posts

Beyond this, when it comes to how to structure a website, you should have various links that go to other internal pages on your site. Additionally, avoid repeating too many of the keywords on various pages so you don’t cannibalize your own rankings.

Why Site Structure Matters

Having a sophisticated or even basic website structure can help in the following ways:

It Keeps You Organized

As your site grows, it can become disorganized and difficult to manage. Having a proper site structure helps you organize your internal processes as well as tell Google how to find different pages on your site.

Structure Provides A Guide For Google

That way, their robots can crawl your site. If it can’t do this appropriately or effectively, then it won’t be able to index your site. Effectively, your site would become invisible in terms of SEO and search engines without proper structure.

Avoid Competing With Your Own Content

By having a good internal linking structure, you can have different blog posts on your page feed and other pages on your website.

In other words, every piece of content becomes more powerful together as part of the whole than simply being an individual stand-alone piece of content.

The User Experience

The better your site structure is, the easier it will be for somebody to access and use your website. Ultimately, that means they can read your information, get in contact with your sales agents, and otherwise interact with your brand.

Get Help With Your Site Structure Today

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