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Etsy SEO Tips To Grow Your Business

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Etsy SEO Tips To Grow Your Business

Etsy is a highly popular platform for independent sellers to list and promote their products for sale. They specialize in hand-crafted artisanal products that are created by individuals or small businesses.

Although many people list on Etsy, the most effective sellers understand how Etsy’s listing algorithm works and use this knowledge to gain an edge over those who don’t. In fact, there exists SEO for Etsy, just like there is for Google and other search engines. In this article, you will learn what Etsy SEO is and some Etsy SEO tips to help you grow your store.

How Etsy SEO Works

Etsy SEO is a lot simpler than Google SEO and shares more in common with Amazon’s listing ranking algorithm. What Etsy cares about is relevance and the user’s experience, so it’s in their best interest to promote quality products sold by responsible sellers. Etsy has several listing rank criteria, some of which can be optimized in order to boost your SEO ranking on the platform.

Listing Rank Criteria

  • Quality of Listing Score: This metric represents a listing’s ability to convert viewers into purchasers, and is improved with more sales.
  • Customer and Market Experience Score: This metric is based on the shop’s reviews, feedback, and the information provided to Etsy about the shop.
  • Context-Specific Ranking (CSR) Technology Score: This metric changes depending on search activity and is based on general consumer interest in the product or category.
  • Relevancy Score: This is based on how well the listing matches the searcher’s query.
  • Shipping Price Score: Based on the cost to the buyer to ship the product. The lower shipping cost, the better.
  • Recency Score: This score rewards recently posted listings and is likely used to give the listing more data to determine other scores.
  • Translations and Language Score: Better scores are given to listings that match the searcher’s selected language.
  • Shoppers’ Habits Score: This metric is based on the searcher’s own buying and search history.

Tips for Improving Etsy SEO

Use highly relevant keywords (direct match)

Listings that match the user’s search query are more likely to appear higher in the rankings. By making sure that your listing’s title and information has the right keywords (that is, the keywords that people are actually searching for), you can improve your chances of getting a higher ranking. There are tools that can help you find this info such as Marmalead and Keyword Tool Dominator.

Use every tag you have available to you

Etsy gives you tags that you can use to help categorize your product based on product attributes. Use these tags and put keywords in them in order to help your listing get found by searchers.

Complete all sections of your Etsy store

Your Etsy score depends, in part, on how much information you provide in your store’s main profile. You should have all sections filled out, particularly the About section. The About section should be descriptive and should include the most relevant keywords for your product category. Do not stuff your profile with keywords; instead, use your shop’s profile as a place to market your products.

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