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How Many Local Searches Per Month on Google?

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Have you ever wondered how many local searches per month are on Google? The Comscore Search report for June 2012 shows Google had 11.44 billion searches. Google has said about 20% of all search is local, indicating approximately 2,280,000,000 searches in the U.S. on Google were local in nature. Including all of the search engines and assuming the same percentage of local intent, about 20%, there were 3,424,080,000 billion searches with local intent just in June 2012. With the popularity of mobile devices, the number is growing every month. We have found 15-20% of traffic is from mobile devices, meaning there are about 684,960,000 searches are made using mobile devices each month.
Search Query Report
To see if you would show up, Google a keyword about your product or service assuming you have never heard of your company. Try adding a local modifier, such as “dog trainer Dallas” instead of just “dog trainer” and see what the results look like. If you cannot find you company on page 1, getting listed on Google Plus is a good first step. Create a business page and link it to your website. Depending on your niche and how competitive it is, you may need to optimize your site for the search engines and begin a link building and social media campaign to make it to page 1. About is an Atlanta SEO company helping local businesses and national brands create leadership position online to attract more visitors, more prospects and more customers to their clients websites. Call for a free website analysis at 678-520-9925 or contact us at