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How To Do Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses

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How To Do Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses

In most cases, local SEO focuses on helping a single business location get found by people who are using search engines like Google or Bing. But some businesses have multiple locations. For example, an HVAC company might have a location in Atlanta and another location in Roswell, and the HVAC company wants to make sure that people in or around Roswell are directed to the right location when they search for them.

How can a multi-location business take full advantage of local SEO to boost rankings for all their locations? In this article, you’ll learn how to do local SEO for multiple business locations.

Tips for Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Update Your Google My Business To Include All Locations

Google My Business is how you get your business to show up with all its information on Google Maps. You may have already included your main location on your GMB profile, but you can add multiple business locations in the same profile.

To learn more about adding multiple locations, check out Google My Business Help.

Create Location-Specific Pages

The kind of content you produce is a key part of your brand identity. What do you want your business to be known for? Once you’ve answered that question, you can create articles, infographics, and videos to help make your brand real in the minds of your customers.

You can get a lot of free traffic from social media.

You don’t need new domains for each location. However, it’s highly recommended that you create specific pages for each business location that are optimized for that location’s relevant keywords. For example, if you have an HVAC company in Atlanta that also has a location in Roswell, you will want to have a page for your Roswell location that’s optimized for keywords such as “hvac repair roswell GA”. See how this keyword specifies both the service AND the location?

You can, and should, go even further with location-specific content. If you live in a city with many distinct neighborhoods, use keywords referencing the neighborhood that your location is in.

These pages should have content unique to that page, rather than just copy-pasting content from other location pages. Google will take notice of this and it can cause your new location page to be deprioritized in search.

Local Link Building Is Important

Link building is, and always has been, a cornerstone of effective SEO. But what is local link building? Local link building is when you focus on getting links from other websites that serve the local community.

Examples include local news articles, local podcasts, local directories, and even other local business websites. Getting links from these sources will help you get relevant local traffic and Google will take notice.

You also want to use local social media to your advantage. If your business has multiple locations, make sure you have a social media presence for all of them. That doesn’t mean that you need a social media account for every location, but it does mean that you will need to engage with community-specific social media groups, pages, and events for each location.

Local SEO companies promise a lot of the same things, so it can be difficult to decide who to choose. Check out our guide on selecting the right SEO company!

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