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How To Get More Leads With PPC Campaigns

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How To Get More Leads With PPC Campaigns

If you run a service business, you might have already tried your hand at Google, Yahoo, or Bing PPC campaigns. You might have one running right now!

But if you’re having trouble getting good leads from your PPC campaigns, look no further. We’re going to go over the most common reasons why you’re not getting good leads from your PPC campaigns and tell you what you can do to optimize your PPC campaigns.

How To Generate Leads Using PPC Ads

Target keywords that indicate buying intent.

When you first start your PPC campaigns, you want to target the keywords that best signal buying intent. You don’t want to place your ads on keywords that have traffic that doesn’t convert.

Of course, these keywords are likely to be competitive and expensive. But there’s a reason for that: it’s because targeting them works.

The more specific you go, the better the leads get and the better your conversion rate… so long as you tailor your ad and landing page experience to them!

Write eye-catching, attention-grabbing ads.

The ad is the first thing someone will see when they search for your chosen keyword. Your ad will be shown among a series of ads. If your bid is high enough, then your ad will be at the top! That’s great and all, but you still need to stand out.

A good ad uses persuasive language and is specific to what the user is searching for. If you’re searching for a plumber in Atlanta, which headline is more likely to get your attention:

  1. Plumber Available in Atlanta. Call Us For An Estimate
  2. Atlanta Plumber – 24/7 Emergency Service – At Your Home in An Hour or Less

Here’s one other “secret” to good ads, especially on Google and Bing. Bigger is better. Use as much screen real estate as you can, because (especially if you’re #1 position) that’s your best shot to market to people. You already have their attention: just don’t lose it! Sitelinks, snippets, callout extensions, and extended headlines and descriptions are a great way to do this in Google Ads.

Make an offer they can’t refuse.

Your ad is going to be one of several, and you need a good way to stand out. The best way to stand out is to offer something better than what your competition is offering.

Maybe you provide the biggest discount, but there are more creative ways to provide a better offer. Are you the only one to provide free estimates? Can you promise that someone will receive an instant quote? Do you provide a guarantee that no one else does? There are many ways to structure your lead offer.

Optimize your landing page experience to collect lead information.

A good landing page experience is not necessarily the one with the most “professional” appearance or the “prettiest” design. A good landing page experience is one that’s easy to understand and navigate while being clear about what the person is getting.

Simple landing pages are best. Include your marketing material, your testimonials, a lead form, and use imagery that invokes the feelings that people want from your service. Put your lead form and your phone number at the very top, prominent so people can see it.

If you’re in need of SEO or PPC help in Atlanta, schedule a free consultation with SEO Guru Atlanta today!