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How To Identify Target Audience For PPC Marketing Campaigns

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How To Identify Target Audience For PPC Marketing Campaigns

The most important rule in marketing is to know who you are marketing to. Your target audience describes which segment of the market you’re going to focus your marketing efforts on. To determine your target audience, you need to know certain things about them. Those pieces of information about your target audience will determine how you should tailor your marketing messaging to them.

 One thing that’s often overlooked is the importance of audience targeting in PPC marketing campaigns. Since you are targeting people based on keywords, some marketers skip the targeting stage altogether. As a result, their marketing messaging isn’t as effective.

 How do you identify your target audience? And what does this mean for PPC campaigns?

Define: Who Is The Target Audience?


Demographics describe inherent traits of the individuals in your target market. Demographic information includes things like age, gender, racial or ethnic identity, location, income levels, political affiliation, and other traits that are considered inherent to the individual.

Knowing your market’s demographics will help you determine what kind of language to use in your marketing messaging and what sorts of problems your target market has.


Psychographics are similar to demographics except they describe behavior and beliefs rather than traits. Psychographic information includes things like lifestyle, attitudes, activities, principles, and habits. Using psychographic information, you can understand the motivation behind why they would choose to buy your product or service.

Determine Why They Buy From You

After you’ve determined who your target market is, now you need to figure out why they would choose to buy from you. Answer the following questions:
  1. What primary need do you satisfy?
  2. What do you do better than the competition?
By answering these questions in detail, you can get a better idea of your points of parity (POPs) and points of difference (PODs) in comparison with your competition. Since PPC marketing is inherently competitive, getting that edge can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.

Do Keyword Research

Choose The Most Relevant Keywords

Relevant keywords are the keywords that best relate to the product or service you provide. The most relevant keywords include your brand name and the commonly accepted names of your product or service. Other keywords may be less relevant, such as keywords for your product category or keywords looking for a specific solution that your product or service solves.

Proper keyword research will result in getting more leads. Learn more about how to get more leads for your PPC campaigns!

Look For Intent

Intent refers to the reason why someone would click on your ad. The best keywords imply buying intent, however these keywords are also the most expensive.

There are three types of search: informational queries, navigational queries, and transactional queries. Transactional queries, for example where they are looking for a price, a comparison for a specific product or company, or are looking for something that is for sale.

If you want to target lower intent keywords, they need to have a place within your sales funnel and you will need a plan to convert them later such as an email optin offer.

Use Geo Targeting for Local Businesses

Geo targeting is available via Google ads in several ways. The first and most recommended way is to target people who are searching from a specific location. Google allows you to only show ads to searchers in a particular city, region, state, DMA area, or country. You can also exclude locations from your ad campaigns.

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