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How To Increase Your Sales Without Spending More on Advertising

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Discover how to increase your sales without spending any more money on advertising.

I recently met with a prospective client who had spent about $60,000 on Google Adwords without a single new customer to show for it. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. They had a new website and paid an agency to run their Adwords campaign and based on our meeting, many of the obvious problems seem to have been addressed. For example, they tried to match their ad copy to the landing page. They created specific landing pages for each product, and so on. There didn’t seem to be any glaring problems… except one.

Many customers don’t buy the first time they see something. If you’re like me, you’ll check out their reviews, compare the product to it’s competitors and ask some friends or experts their opinion. If someone makes it to your website but doesn’t buy, that could be classified as a warm lead. After all, they went to your site for some reason and may still buy from you. But if they leave your site and forget about you, you will never make the sale.

The client I mentioned above sells software packages starting at $20,000 so their buyers are not impulse buyers. But no matter the price, it’s just too easy for visitors to leave your site to do some comparative online shopping. Staying “top of mind” is the key to closing the sale. I’ve been eyeing a GoPro camera for a long time, and I still see their ads and someday I’m sure I’ll buy one. While GoPro advertises all over the place, they know I’ve been to their website so they keep showing me ads while I surf the web.

The glaring problem of my prospect selling $20,000 systems? Once the visitors left, they had no way to target them and bring them back to the website to close the sale. That is about to change for them. Imagine spending $60,000 and not have a single email address or any other way to stay in front of your prospect. Most local business owners I work with have MUCH smaller budgets, but the traffic is just as important to their success and none of them use the most basic, inexpensive yet effective method to stay in front of their prospects.

Okay, enough with the suspense. If you really want to increase your sales without spending more on advertising, call Jeff at 678-520-9925 or email me at to schedule a call or 1-1 meeting.