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How To Rank Higher On Google Search for Your Business

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Rank Higher On Google Search for Your Business

At SEO Guru Atlanta, our focus from the very beginning was helping businesses rank higher on Google search. Every business wants to take the #1 spot for their keyword, but many businesses find themselves languishing in the lower ranks on the 3rd, 4th, or 10th page. If that’s you, you need to read this guide.

How do you rank your business higher on Google search? We’ve got some excellent tips that you can implement today!

Tips To Rank Higher On Google Search

Create Longer, More Comprehensive Content

Google rewards longer content. The reason behind this is not 100% clear, but there are things that we know about Google’s algorithm that allow us to plainly see that this is the case. First of all, more content keeps people on the site for longer. Second of all, more comprehensive content makes it more likely that people will get the information they want after searching.

One benefit to comprehensive content is structured snippets. Structured snippets appear on the Google search results page, and appear as a list of frequently asked questions. The answers to those questions are generated from the website that ranks for them. Each question includes a link to your site, and the structured snippets take up the majority of the screen real estate of a Google search.

Use Search Intent To Your Advantage

Search intent is a complicated topic, but it can be summarized as “what people want when they’re searching for a term”. Your content might be highly valuable, but the keyword you’re trying to rank for might not have the search intent that you want. For example, someone looking for “bariatric surgery in dallas” wants something different than someone looking for “pros and cons of bariatric surgery”.

You want the content on the page you’re trying to rank for to be relevant to the search intent. You might want the front page to rank for “bariatric surgery in dallas”, but you want your pros and cons content to be focused on that keyword.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google rewards fast website, and Google mobile search rewards website that load fast on mobile. Really, Google doesn’t want people leaving your page and going back to the search results page looking for a better link to click. If your mobile site works, you won’t have this problem.

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the cornerstone of good SEO and have been since the very beginning. If websites are linking to your content, then that must mean that your content is useful and authoritative enough to be linked to. The more authoritative the website linking to you, the more relevant your content must be. That’s the general idea behind backlinks. Setting them up, though, is a bit more technical.

Old link building strategies relied on guest posting and submitting your website to every directory known to man. However, there’s better ways to build links. Of course, the best links are those built organically; however, when you’re just starting out, that’s not likely to happen.

A strong strategy that more people are implementing is broken link building. The strategy is as follows: look for pages that currently rank for your keyword, and scan their page for outbound links that no longer work. Then, contact them and request to replace the broken link with a link to your content.

Try out these SEO strategies and see if they increase your rankings. Or, contact us to get a free personalized website audit! We’ll give you personalized recommendations for how you should improve your website’s SEO.