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How To Use Big Data In Your Bariatric Surgery Business

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How To Use Big Data In Your Bariatric Surgery Business

So, we’ve heard about big data, right? So how do you use big data in your business? Well, the short answer is, you know, you just go buy it, right? But the issue is, there are about 15 billion actions every day that are recorded as part of big data. So, what are you going to go do by 15 billion, like interactions, website visits, keyword searches? You can’t do anything with that. It’s just way too much data.

So, what we’ve done is developed a strategy specifically for a
weight loss and more specifically for weight loss surgery for bariatric surgeons. And if you want to learn more and scheduled discovery call with me, go to my website, It’s just, you know, hit the orange button there that says, schedule a discovery call and we can have a short chat, no obligation. But I’m getting back to how do you use the data?

So, basically you have to buy huge chunks of data. So it’s not cheap, right? So we pay good money for that data. These guys aren’t just giving this stuff away. There’s, they’re spending a lot of money getting it and so, we have to buy it from them. And so, once we’ve bought it, then what do we do? Well, we’ve got to run it through our own algorithm to basically filter out or find the people that are just searching for certain keywords and visiting certain websites. Basically, are going to have a digital footprint that’s about whatever you want to target. For example, weight loss surgery. So somebody may be looking for things I gastric bypass surgery, bariatric surgeon, weight loss surgery, weight loss surgeon reviews, things like that. Anything related to that, they’re going to pop up on our radar.

Alright, so then what? So, we find these people and we’ll aggregate a list of people and then we can filter by zip code for our clients, right? So, if our client is in any particular city, we can figure out what zip codes they want to target and then we can filter down through that huge list of people and just find the people in that target area.

And then, what you’d have to do with that list of people, is somehow figure out How To Use Big Data In Your Bariatric Surgery Businesshow to advertise to them. And so, instead of advertisements to the whole wide world and getting wasted clicks and things like that, we advertise only to that niche of people. And again, I can kind of walk you through doing a screen share, if you set up a call with me at But what we’ll do is, take a list of people and we’ll upload that list to different ad platforms. So, we’ll upload it to Facebook, Adroll, and different ad platforms where we can show just those people those ads. So, we know they’ve got a certain profile, we know they’re searching for certain things online and then we can show ads just to those people.

And then once they click on the ad, land on your website, now we have a pixel on your website and it’s talking to our software. And so, we can see where they were and what they did and what keywords they searched before they got to your website. And then, that helps us to get better targeting locally over time. So, I hope that makes sense.

If you want to learn more about that, then you could schedule a 15-minute discovery call with me at, that’s my website specifically for bariatric surgeons, on how to use big data in your bariatric surgery business.