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Local SEO for Multiple Locations: Why It Matters

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important marketing strategies for businesses. However, there is a big difference between broad intent (traditional) SEO and local intent (local SEO).

Local SEO for multiple locations focuses on driving traffic only from people who want a product or service in a particular geographical location.

So in this article, we’ll explore why local SEO is so crucial, as well as strategies for local and Franchise SEO. That way, you can drive more foot traffic, leads, and sales.

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The Importance of Local SEO for Multiple Locations

The SEO strategy for multiple locations of a business or franchise is much different than standard “drive as much traffic from anywhere” SEO — and for good reason.

Whereas an online shoe store, for instance, would simply optimize for keywords like “red sneakers,” a local car repair business would take a different approach.

At every step of the way, you have to consider the geographical nature of your auto shop business and your customers.

It doesn’t help to rank highly for “car repair” if you’re based in Atlanta and 90% of your traffic is coming from London.

Therefore, local SEO is so important because without focusing on your specific region you’ll spend more time and money while having a harder time getting profitable traffic.

The Strategy of SEO for Multi Location Businesses

Optimizing your website to get maximum traffic for multiple physical locations is more complex than it seems.

Apart from ensuring your on-site content (blog posts, About Us pages, etc.) is excellent, you also have to consider the following:

  • Geographic keywords (“Atlanta auto repair” vs. simply “auto repair”)
  • Reviews and testimonials (for added trust)
  • Balancing consistency and variety (keeping your content on-brand while avoid duplicates that could hurt your search engine rankings)
  • Google Maps (will you show up for searchers who don’t know your website address, but are simply in your area)
  • Tracking SEO efforts to actual sales revenue

And much, much more.

That’s why local SEO is best left to professionals. If you want to focus on your core competencies, and hire a reputable Franchise SEO marketing company — reach out to SEO Guru Atlanta today. Discover what’s truly possible when your local SEO strategy is firing on all cylinders.