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Organic vs. Paid Marketing: What’s the Best Strategy?

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Organic vs. Paid Marketing: What’s the Best Strategy? 1

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of decisions to make. The target audience. The ideal medium. The message you want to convey.

Another decision you need to make? Whether you want to opt for organic vs. paid social media marketing.

If you aren’t sure what the difference is, not to worry; we have you covered.


Organic marketing includes things like blog posts, articles, and unpaid backlinks from reputable sites. When looking for SEO optimization in Cumming, these marketing efforts are often called “evergreen” since they continue to help market your company well after they are first posted.

Paid marketing only continues to deliver results for as long as you pay for it. And since it typically is meant to only last a short while, it also doesn’t offer that same sense of permanence to the audience.


Organic marketing can be free, but you typically will pay a content or SEO agency to have it written. However, you only pay for it once. With paid marketing, it is always going to cost you, and that is an ongoing expense. Once you stop paying, this marketing goes away, and so does all the traffic it drives.

Speed of Results

With organic marketing, it tends to take time for your efforts to pay off. You need to wait for traffic to the blog or article to pick up and for it to start ranking higher in searches. With paid advertising, as soon as the ad is created, people are seeing it, and traffic is flowing to you.

What’s Better: Organic or Paid Marketing?

 This really depends on your goals for your business. However, we can tell you the answer we prefer: both.

Paid social media advertising has its place in your marketing strategy. So does evergreen content on your website and links that drive traffic towards you. They work in different ways, but the thing is that they both work.

It is possible that at different times, your business will have different needs. However, we strongly recommend you incorporate both as long as it makes sense. And if you come across an agency that says you should only do one or the other, one of your questions to ask before hiring that SEO company should be: why?

For a detailed plan that will enhance your online presence, contact SEO Guru Atlanta.