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Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

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Questions to Ask an SEO Company

Before you hire an SEO company in Cumming, it is important that you vet them properly. This means combing through reviews, looking at case studies, and seeing proof of their results for other clients.

It also means asking the right questions that will help you determine if they are a professional SEO agency or just some people who know the lingo. So, which questions should you pose? We suggest you ask the following.

What Makes My Industry Unique in Terms of SEO?

Certain SEO best practices are universal. No matter your industry, they should be used. However, many industries also require special approaches that take into consideration unique behaviors potential clients or patients take in online searches. Your SEO specialist in Atlanta should be able to explain at least a few ways they will tweak their approach to suit your industry.

As an added bonus, ask to see examples of their work for other clients within your industry.

What Metrics Do You Use to Define Success?

The best SEO company for you will the be one that measures success in the same terms as you do. There is more than one way to measure SEO success, and it is important that they match up with what matters to you.

It is also important that they don’t make guarantees they cannot stand behind. For example, if they promise you will have the top ranking for broad search terms, you can assume that they are scamming you.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Your SEO company will need time to get things going and deliver noticeable results. However, you don’t want to spend multiple months paying for a service without seeing any difference. Get them to commit to a timeframe and explain what you can expect in terms of these results and growth over time.

Do You Focus on Mobile?

Many older SEO companies learned the ropes years ago and haven’t bothered to update their approach with the changing times. Nowadays, most searches occur on mobile devices, and that means optimizing for mobile. Talk to them about how they complete mobile audits of your site and create content that suits both mobile and desktop views.

What Makes You Different?

There are thousands of different agencies you could work with to optimize your web presence. So why should you choose them? It is essential that you know what they do to stand out from the competition and how it translates into a better experience for you.

Ready to get started? For SEO optimization in Atlanta, turn to SEO Guru.