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SEO Emails – Don’t Fall for It

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SEO Email Scam
As a business owner, you probably get solicitation daily from companies selling advertising opportunities. I’m also guessing you’ve gotten an email like this one:
SEO Emails
I’ve responded to emails like this to see what they have to offer. In every case, they actually did not have any data whatsoever about the website I was calling about, but they could have a salesman back to me with a proposal. Notice how the company name and phone number are not included, and a hotmail or gmail account are commonly used. If this was a legitimate business, wouldn’t they include the company name, phone number and website? These guys really belong in the SEO Hall of Shame! And they offer a “very low price”. Low price was really possible before all the Google Panda and Penguin updates when software like SENuke could blast your site to the top. Those days are long gone. The only way to get to the top of Google is using proven “white-hat” SEO, that means good link building,good content and good on-page SEO, plus social signals. There is one caveat, it might be possible to get 1st page national rankings for very uncompetitive keywords, but those are the keywords that also generate very little traffic so really, what’s the point? Bragging rights? If you’d like to get a real SEO and competitive analysis, use our free SEO audit tool and see how your site looks through the eyes of the search engines.