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SEO Myths You Should Not Follow

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SEO Myths You Should Not Follow 1

With any industry, myths will rise up, often eclipsing the truth. In the world of

 (SEO), this is pretty understandable. After all, with so many changes year after year, SEO myths will occur out of sheer confusion.

But that doesn’t mean they are harmless. In fact, misconceptions about SEO can lead you to make some terrible choices. So, to keep you on Google’s good side, let’s take a look at some myths about SEO and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Keywords Are Useless After Hummingbird

While Google Hummingbird changed the way online searches work and turned some standard techniques black hat, it didn’t do away with the old ways completely. Spamming keywords no longer delivers results. But organically placed keywords certainly do.

Myth #2: XML Sitemaps Boost Rankings

Listen, you need an XML sitemap since it makes your website crawlable. But crawlable isn’t the same thing as boosting your search engine rankings. All the XML sitemap will do is put you on Google’s radar. Where you rank comes down to many other factors.

Myth #3: Meta Doesn’t Matter Anymore

The meta data is made up of three things: the title, the description, and the keywords. We will admit, these don’t matter like they once did. But to say they don’t matter at all anymore? That just isn’t true. At the very least, they make your search results look more clickable.

Myth #4: Only .com and .net Domains Rank

There is a lot to be said for having a top-level domain, including the fact that they tend to inspire confidence in visitors. But the idea that only the top-two top-level domains rank isn’t based in fact. Having a keyword in your URL will matter more than the domain.

Myth #5: Keywords Should Be Kept Out of Anchor Text

Anchor text refers to the works that a link is embedded in. You click the words and get sent to a new page. When Google Penguin launched, key-word rich anchor texts became penalized when used excessively. But excessively is what you need to keep in mind. Occasionally having a keyword in your anchor text is not a problem.

With so many myths out there, it is easy to get tripped up. We suggest that instead of navigating SEO on your own, you let our SEO company in Cumming serve as your guide. At SEO Guru Atlanta, we stay up to date with all the key changes, ensuring your site always ranks well.