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The Difference Between a Web Page and a Website Explained

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The Difference Between a Web Page and a Website Explained

In the Internet world, there is a lot of jargon used by people who probably don’t know what the terms actually mean. One simple, but important, example is the difference between a web page and a website. This article will explain several terms that you need to know if you want to understand the web at a high level.

What Is a Website?

Without getting too technical, a website is a collection of pages that can be accessed via a uniform resource locator, or URL. The URL is what you type when you want to visit a website. For example, on our home page, you would see “” in your web browser.

A website may have one or many web pages associated with it. These pages are connected via links, which when clicked, take a user from one web page to another. A link can be internal, which leads to a web page on the current website, or external, which leads to a web page on another website.

What Is The Difference Between a Web Page & A Website?

A web page is a single page of text and images that can be accessed via the internet. Web page is often shortened to just “page”. A web site, on the other hand, is a collection of web pages that have been designed to provide visitors with a seamless experience.

The web page on the web server is just a single page, which may be called a home page, about page, contact us page, or any number of different names. Each web page has a specific purpose for its viewers, whereas a web site may exist to serve multiple purposes. For example, your website may have service pages, an ecommerce store, and a blog, whereas a webpage will simply have one article, one product, or one service explained.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page on a web site that is displayed to the user when they first arrive on the web site. The goal of a landing page is to capture the user’s interest and direct them to other pages on the web site that they may find more interesting.

For example, if you are showing up on the Google search results, your landing page will want to fulfill the user’s search. If they searched for “seo services Atlanta”, the link on the search engine results page should send the user to a landing page that is about SEO services in Atlanta.

Website vs Web Page Focused Design

Should you design each web page with the function of the individual page in mind, or design based on the rest of the website? The answer is that it depends. You are not going to use the same kind of design for a landing page that links to a Google ad as you would for a post on your website’s blog section.

At the same time, it’s important that pages on your website have a cohesive feel that is congruent with your brand. Whether that means keeping a similar color scheme, using similar imagery, or having a similar tone of voice, keeping all pages on your website in accordance with your brand will give your website a unique feel.

Web Page vs Website in SEO

Each web page has its own value for SEO. Not all web pages will want to rank for the same keywords. Ideally, each page on your website should rank for keywords related to the content on that page. This is because each web page on your website has a different purpose. Some pages.

There’s a lot to learn about websites and Internet marketing in general. If you’re interested in learning more, read this article next: Domain, Subdomain, and Directory: What Are the Differences?