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The Most Important On Page SEO Factors You Need To Know

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The Most Important On Page SEO Factors You Need To Know

SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy. That being said, some people confuse off-page for on page SEO ranking factors.

So in this blog post, let’s discover what on page SEO includes and how to do it well for your brand in any industry.

The Top SEO On Page Factors


The content itself is arguably one of the most important on page ranking factors. Google wants to see that your content shows expertise, authoritativeness, and similar qualities of premium content.


Obviously, SEO is largely centered around keywords. However, the way that keywords work is not the same as it was perhaps 10 years ago. Google had a very large update in which keyword spamming became ineffective.

And nowadays, it’s not necessarily about including a keyword 50 times on the page. In fact, any more than four or five is a little bit overkill. That being said, any more than three is typically overkill for your average blog post.

Still, you can always use different variations of keywords and LSI keywords that are semantically similar but have different spelling. That will give Google a clue that your page is relevant to that general topic.

Readability And Usability

Ultimately, the user experience is king when it comes to Google. That means that your content should be incredibly readable. So instead of having seven or eight sentences in one paragraph, try to break it into paragraphs of three or four sentences, for instance.

Additionally, make your content easy to scan. People typically scan from the left to the right. So ensure to break up your content with enough subheadings and paragraphs so that they can get the main idea even if they don’t read every single word.


Adding images to your page will always boost your SEO. It gives Google one more signal to demonstrate that you are relevant to what people are searching for.


Your web page needs to be displayable on mobile devices, not just desktops these days. After all, many people are using their phones to access your site. And having a mobile responsive website is one of the top 5 ranking factors to implement.


Ensure to include a link to other areas of your website. You can also include external links. This doesn’t just help the page that you’re posting. It also helps other parts of your site so it feeds off of each other.

Get Help With On Page SEO Elements Today

Reach out to the best SEO company in Atlanta. We know how to help you improve your on page SEO factors and off-page SEO with creative, proven strategies.

That way, you can focus on running your business while enjoying an influx of organic, free traffic.