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The Nearby Filter Nav: Is it Making Google’s SERPs More Local?

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In an attempt to improve user experience on Google, local searches are now featuring a menu on the left of its pages using the “nearby filter.” This filter nav feature aims to emphasize the products or attributes that match the users’ search intent.

For example, if you search for “gas station,” Google will list the gas filling stations nearby on the left of your screen with a map showing their location on the right. However, some of the stations listed by the Google search filters may be far from your location.

That brings us to the question: Does the filter nav make Google SERPs more local? Read on and find out from this post.

The Nearby Filter Google Steps

The nearby Google search filters help users to narrow their search results. It shows them relevant businesses near their current location in relation to their search intent.

While driving, you can have a meal in a hotel or restaurant nearby. In that case, you should search for restaurants/hotels and select near my location. The nearby filter nav feature will show you the restaurants near your location, but not all. Also, the results you get are the same as those for the search restaurants near me.

Are the Results From the Nearby Filter Nav Feature Local?

While some of the results from this navigation feature are far from the search location, it is challenging to determine its accuracy. Numerous results will appear on the SERPs, making it difficult to analyze them.

Additionally, large brands have greater geographic search influence than small businesses. In an area with many similar stores, you are likely to see large entities on the top SERPs, while starters are not visible.

Research findings show that only 20% of the results on the top SERPs are from the search location. Another 20% of the results are within 10 miles of the search area. This could result from the proximity filter impact, depending on the businesses’ online presence.

Embrace SERP Localization Trends for Better SEO Strategy

Embracing the trending SERP features in your industry is crucial for small and medium businesses. If your business fails to show up in the search features, optimization is necessary. In need of an SEO agency in Atlanta to grow your business’s online visibility? Talk to SEO Guru Atlanta today and let an expert optimize your site according to the current SERP localization trends.