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Tips to Design the Perfect CTA Button

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Tips to Design the Perfect CTA Button

The call to action (CTA) button may seem like a tiny feature on your site, but it has an important role to play when it comes to increasing your conversion rates. The goal is for your site visitors to spot it, understand what it means, and click on it—otherwise, they may miss it. The following are tips on how to design an effective CTA button:

Find a Primary CTA

There is so much to do on the internet, which explains why many site visitors are overwhelmed by decision fatigue. They find it tasking to make the right decision because so many options are available. Knowing how to create an effective CTA button starts with narrowing down the options to what the main action you need from visitors is, whether they are buying things, signing up for something, or watching a video.

Pick a Bold, Memorable Color

The color combinations a website uses are important decisions, and the same goes for the CTA button. Here is where you take advantage of color theory, knowing the effect it has on your audience. For instance, reds and oranges are a hit. Remember that colors convey different messages to visitors based on their culture and other aspects, so always use color psychology.

Make It “Clickable”

A pro tip when it comes to how to create a call to action button is to make it obvious that it is “clickable” among other normal texts. For instance, you can design it in an oval or rectangular shape and make it stick out more. Maybe make it blink or expand when the cursor hovers around it or add shadows to the background.

Make It Easily Discoverable

Part of creating a simple and fun user experience is to anticipate the visitor’s actions. This way, you can use that to your advantage when designing the CTA. You have to place it directly on their path so that it will be hard to miss. Eye-tracking research shows that viewers are easily drawn to images and headers, so placing the CTA near these attention grabbers makes it easier to find.

Make It Clear

While the goal is to make the button easy to spot, you also want to be careful with the words that go inside the button. Tell the user what to expect when they click. Instead of “Click Here,” which is vague, consider altering it to a clear instruction like “Schedule a Consultation.”

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