Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2020

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Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2020 1

The tired old advice for SEO trends that people have been using for the past 20 years is simply not enough to compete.

However, 2020 brings with it new challenges and ways you can compete.

Diversified SEO Practices

With every online platform you’re on, you should be integrating it somehow into your SEO strategy.

Web 2.0 brought user-curated content. Web 3.0 brought mobile sharing. Now, we need to bring SEO considerations to all our channels.

Core SEO is important: focusing on link profiles, site architecture, and content quality is absolutely key. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. How are people being led to you from places other than search, and how are you marketing to them so that they search for you in the future?

If they see your Facebook ad, this will impact their likelihood to search for what you offer. If they see a Reddit post, the same will happen. If they see an ad in the mail for your local business, you guessed it: your search performance will be affected. This is a good thing.

Make sure to know exactly what keywords you want to rank for on the search engines based on how your customers see your core competencies. This will secure your rank in 2020, 2021 and beyond.

Voice Search: “OK Google”

Voice search is a technology that’s been in place for several years on most phones, and yet there’s little optimization being done to consider it.

The reason? It’s hard. Voice search is done very conversationally. Instead of a typical Google search “real estate agent Atlanta”, they might ask “OK Google, where can I find a real estate agent in Atlanta?”

When creating content for voice, keep in mind the conversational nature of the search and focus the content around this conversation. Try to empathize with the searcher and figure out what else they’re looking for. And keep in mind: it can be difficult to monetize this traffic, so getting the conversion may require reaching them at a different time.

Multilingual SEO: Think Globally

The Internet is becoming more and more connected as translation tools become better. It’s now a normal experience to search for something in English and land on a German site that has been automatically translated by Google, for example.

Consider your market. If you see an opportunity to expand to another language area, you will need to keep search engine optimization in mind. Make sure to understand what keywords in the target language you will need to target, and this may require hiring someone who is a native speaker.