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Top 6 SEO Services You Should Avoid Paying For

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Top 6 SEO Services You Should Not Pay For

SEO can be both local and organic. They are also loaded with service offers from well-known companies. But, the success these businesses have had in other related fields does not necessarily give your company a successful SEO service. Here are the top 6 SEO Services from well-known companies that you should not waste your money and time on.


GoDaddy will submit your website to different search engines, create a site map and give you some keywords for only $2.99 a month. Since there are a lot of companies like you in the United States, this service is not going to do any good for your SEO rankings. Do not waste your money on this kind of services since they are not even close to being a real SEO service.

GoDaddy plan includes that following:

1. Complete SEO for one website
2. One-click submission to Google, Yahoo! And Bing
3. Easy submission to over 100 search engines and directories
4. Google Keyword Generator
5. Suggested Topics Tool
6. Top 10 SEO checklist
7. Keyword sage, Robots.txt file and Robots Meta tag analyser
8. Powerful reports that show you how to move your website up in search results

Yellow Pages

SEO from a phone book company will not really help you rank your website in Search Engines. It will help but only a little in terms of real SEO services. Yellow Pages has plans starting at $295 per month instead of $3 from GoDaddy. If you want to try any of the two, GoDaddy is a much cheaper choice to waste your money.


Yelp is a business directory website that will allow users to post their business by location and leave reviews to other business directories. This will then attract local searchers to your website and will be used as citation to your website in terms of SEO. The big issue with Yelp is that they filter reviews and only show the worst ones. They do this so that business owners will call them and negotiate a price for them to take out the bad reviews and let the good reviews show up. The Yelp forum also does not allow business owners to respond to lies and worst reviews of other users. Sounds like extortion because it is, don’t be fooled into paying for Yelp.

Dex Yellow Pages

This business directory company is the same with other of its kind that you are going to pay a lot and receive a little in return. Dex use call tracking numbers to track and show you how many calls you have received from their listings. As you may know, the key component of ranking locally is citations with consistent information on the business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) data. Your listings in their website will also disappear after you are done with their service. With these, Dex is one to steer clear of.


Yext service target toward local SEO which includes submitting your NAP data to 47 directory sites with only one submission. The price is about $500 per year for these 47 listings. If you will use other reputable reputable local SEO, you could get 125 manually build citations for the same price as the first year of Yext. Moreover, number of business owners have reported losing listings, finding their listings locked and finding the wrong NAP data on listings once they no longer subscribe to Yext service. You should hire a company like BrightLocal or WhiteSpark instead of Yext.

Rank Pay

As the name of the company suggest, the basic idea of this service is that you submit your keyword and then you pay a certain amount of money each month depending on the rankings of each keywords. If you are not in the top 30, you do not pay at all.

Their service sure is interesting for business owners. But, the idea of getting paid for the rankings will encourage a company to shortcut methods of SEO to help you rank faster and them getting paid sooner. Moreover, if you will read how they will rank your site, they mention on having connections with several publishers. This is the same way as saying that they will submit your links to public blog network, which search engines will mark as spam in time. You can get 500 public blog network links for $20 on some other services.

The lists given above are only a few of the bigger-investment-little-gain SEO companies and services you should watch out for. If you are looking for someone to help you with your Seo, ask around for credentials, examples and references. You should also ask the method they will be using to rank your site. If they will not explain it to you, you should look elsewhere as secrecy is usually for a reason.