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Understanding CDN and How it Affects SEO

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SEO specialists spend time optimizing copy and landing pages for search engine ranking. While practices such as creating quality content, keyword research, and modifying old pages to meet the current SERP trends can improve your website ranking, it is not always automatic.

A content delivery network (CDN) can propel slow websites to rank high on search engines. From this article, you will learn more about CDNs, what to look for when buying one, and how they affect SEO.

What Is a Content Delivery Network?

Before looking at how a CDN affects SEO, you should understand what it is all about. A CDN is a network distributed geographically with operational servers to speed up content delivery from your website. You can call these servers ‘secondary’ because they are different from the original ones where your site is hosted. Content delivery networks play the mediation role of connecting your original server to the end user.

How Does a CDN Improve the Performance of Your Website?

A CDN comprises network servers known as points of presence (POP). These POPs are distributed in different geographical locations. When a user wants to access content from your web page, the nearest POP delivers it. This shortens the ‘waiting’ time and offers your website visitors a good experience. This, working as a mediator, explains how a CDN affects SEO in three ways.

1.   Improves User Experience

With tons of competitor websites on search engines, readers are not going to hang around waiting for a slow website to load. A CDN presents content to users faster, hence reducing your website’s bounce rate. Its image-optimizing feature enhances faster loading, and fast-loading images improve user experience, which affects your website’s overall ranking.

2.   Maintain Website Health and Security

Building a website requires effort and resources. It is important to keep it secure and healthy, and that is what a CDN does. Secure encryption and robust content transfer minimize denial of service and cyber-attacks, keeping your site secure against unhealthy traffic.

3.   Reduces Bandwidth Consumption

CDNs cache content using fewer resources. Since its servers sit between users and the origin server, traffic between hosting and the internet reduces. This makes it cheaper to transmit content. The caching servers from the CDN handle both static and dynamic content, increasing your website’s engagement rate.

Before purchasing a CDN, check out the following:

  • Response time
  • Peak hour performance
  • Wait time
  • API integrations

The above factors affect CDNs’ speed and the value they add to your site.

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Understanding CDNs for SEO is crucial for your website performance. SEO Guru Atlanta is an SEO company in Cumming offering expert services to business owners to improve their ranking and visibility.