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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? Tips & Best Practices

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What is Conversion Optimization
Your website’s conversion rate is a number you should know by heart. How many people who visit your site eventually become leads? This is something you should know, because understanding this is the key to turning your business’s website into a lead generation machine. By understanding your website’s conversion rate, and by understanding the behavior of people who visit your site (where they come from, what they expect, what they do, how much time they spent on it, and where they bounce), you will be able to understand how you can improve your site’s conversion rate. In this article, you’ll learn the very basics of conversion rate optimization and how you can implement them in your business today. If you want to learn about how to improve PPC campaign performance, check out this article on how to optimize your PPC campaigns!

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the act of changing elements on your website in order to improve the rate at which visitors turn into leads or customers. Any element on your website can be changed in order to improve conversion rate, and in many cases, it means changing the specifics of what you offer.

Performing conversion rate optimization can lead to significant increases in your bottom line revenue. It’s a simple math equation: visitors * conversion rate * conversion value = expected revenue. If your conversion value is $100, and you get 1000 visitors a day with a 1% conversion rate, that means your website would expect to get 10 orders a day for $100 each, or $1000/day. But, if you bumped your conversion rate to 1.2%, with no changes in visitor or conversion value, you’re making $1200 a day or an additional $6,000 per month. And that’s just by increasing conversion rate by0.2%!

 Conversion rate optimization is usually doneby performing split tests in order to see the effectiveness of a website change. Some things cannot be split tested (such as site speed), but using split tests can allow you to use data to make decisions that help bump your conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips & Best Practices

Faster website = higher conversion rates.

If your website is slow, then you’re missing out on a large group of people who expect faster website load times. People have come to expect load times below 1.5 seconds, according to Google Pagespeed Insights.

This also applies to mobile websites. Your mobile website needs to be fast on mobile devices, and it should be easy to use.

To check your website’s speed, use Google PageSpeed Insights and use their recommendations to improve your site.

Make your website mobile-friendly.

Most Web traffic these days is on mobile, and it’s easy to see why. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous all over the world, even in places where most households don’t own personal computers.

If your website doesn’t work well on mobile, then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of traffic and a lot of potential conversions.

Make your offer clear.

One reason why people don’t convert on your website is that they don’t know what they’ll really get out of it. They don’t have a reason to convert! If this is the case, then you need to communicate your offer in a clearer way.

For example, if you want to get more newsletter subscribers on your blog, you need to let them know WHY they should join your newsletter. How will it improve their lives? What can they get out of it?

Your calls-to-action should be prominent and easy to understand.

The reason why most websites use buttons for their call to actions rather than text links is because they’re easier for the human eye to see. For this reason, they draw attention. Use call to action buttons that are large enough to easily see and are a color that stands out among the rest of your website. If you’re looking for lead generation services in Atlanta, SEO Guru Atlanta can help. In addition to offering search engine optimization in Cumming, SEO Guru Atlanta provides content marketing, website development, and social media marketing. SEO Guru Atlanta guarantees leads or your money back!