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What Is Evergreen Content?: Writing Great Content With Longevity

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What Is Evergreen Content?: Writing Great Content With Longevity

One of the best ways to build better search visibility for your local market is to create evergreen blog posts and articles. But what is evergreen content? Ultimately, evergreen SEO content stands the test of time and drives traffic over the long term, month after month.

After all, why go through the effort and investment of creating content if it only lasts a few weeks? So with that in mind, let’s talk about some strategies for creating evergreen articles that give you the best ROI over the long run.

Evergreen Content: Meaning

At its core, the evergreen content definition is something that never loses its value or relevance. Therefore, it has several key features:

It Matches The User’s Intent

Evergreen content is designed with your searcher in mind. That way, Google sees your content as more relevant and ranks your pages higher.

Timeless Advice Instead Of Specific Or Time-Sensitive Information

Instead of talking about what happened in the news yesterday, aim to give advice that can be used again and again no matter the time frame.

Generic Information About The Topic

If certain information in your industry is liable to change quickly, it’s best to leave that out. You want to create content that’s true across several months and years, not just in the moment.

Evergreen Content Examples

Now that we’ve covered evergreen’s meaning in marketing let’s look at some specific evergreen content ideas for SEO:

Educational Tips And Advice

Evergreen topics are often educational. For instance, you can teach someone how to change a tire, the best hairstyles for a job interview, and other topics that use classic information.

Ultimate Guides

Create an in-depth guide that informs your markup on how to accomplish a set task with unique insights.

Various Tutorials

Make a step-by-step sequence on how to achieve better landscaping, prevent their roof from experiencing mold damage, or other how-to content that stands the test of time.


Articles with several items in them do very well for evergreen content. You might have a list of different tools, items, or steps based on your market. Read the following article for more information on writing great SEO content.

What Doesn’t Count As Evergreen Content?

It’s important to define evergreen content. But just as crucial is understanding what to avoid, such as:

Current News

If the content will be outdated the next day, then this isn’t great for evergreen content. Avoid current events and fads.

Reports And Findings

Some industries have weekly, monthly, or even yearly reports. While it may be tempting to create content around this, it’ll quickly be out of date.

Opinionated Articles

Your opinions may change as time goes on. Therefore, you may regret taking a hard stance on an issue that you don’t fully understand yet.

Finding Evergreen Content

Here are some keys to creating content that lasts forever:

Look At The Competition

See what the competition is writing about. There’s a good chance that they have a few topics that you can emulate.

Cover The Topic In Depth

Instead of creating several pieces of time-based content, create evergreen content by going more in-depth on one page.

Remove Dates And Time

Try to get rid of statistics or other dates that make it easy for your content to be irrelevant in a short period of time.

Hire A Web Agency

As a local business operator, you’re busy building your brand. However, the best way to grow your company is to let experts do what they do best. So consider outsourcing your content generation to a team who has demonstrated expertise in that field.

Create Evergreen SEO Blog Posts Today

Reach out to our agency for the best SEO services in Atlanta. At SEO Guru, we understand how to create evergreen content that grows your brand consistently.

We focus on longevity, accuracy, and quality. That way, you can attract not just any visitors but the perfect traffic to increase your revenue and reputation. Contact Us today for a free consultation.