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What Is Google Analytics and How Does It Work?

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What Is Google Analytics and How Does It Work?

At the core of effective marketing, no matter the medium, is knowing your audience. For large corporations, this means engaging in extensive market research, digging deep into the psyche of their customers. For smaller businesses, this means gathering data about your online visitors and analyzing it to better understand how to reach them.

One of the most powerful tools available to the average business owner is Google Analytics. But what is Google Analytics? And how does Google Analytics work?

Let our Atlanta SEO agency explain. Here is your quick and simple Google Analytics guide.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that helps you understand the behaviors of people visiting your website. At its most basic, it shows you the number of visitors coming to your site. However, as you get into the more complex elements, it can reveal key information about how visitors interact with your site and content, giving you the ability to tweak your approach for better results.

What Does Google Analytics Do?

Basically, it gathers data about user behaviors. While there are many other tools that can do what Google Analytics does, they usually require a subscription, and in many cases, they are not nearly as comprehensive. As we all know, Google is one of the tech giants that is always tracking us, and while it is easy to think of that as a negative, when you are running a small business, their excellence at this practice stands to greatly benefit you.

What Is Google Analytics Used For?

At its core, Google Analytics is used to tailor your online marketing to the needs and interests of your target audience, and in some cases, it can help reveal your target audience for PPC & SEO campaigns, by showing which people are most interested in what you have to offer.

How might you use Google Analytics? Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Evaluate how well your website is performing.
  • Determine the relevance of individual pages on your website.
  • See where traffic is coming from to determine the effectiveness of your off-page SEO.
  • Figure out which products or content generate the most interest.
  • Segment your audience based on various demographics.
  • Figure out which local SEO keywords are driving the most traffic.
  • Determine which national SEO keywords are most effective for you (assuming you target a national audience).

Of course, jumping into all of this can be a bit intimidating. That’s why we are here to help. SEO Guru Atlanta is a full-service digital marketing agency that assists businesses just like yours. To learn more about how we can help you, schedule a consultation.