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What Is Keyword Stuffing And Why You Should Avoid It

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Keywords are an important part of SEO. They help to tell Google and other search engines what your page is all about. This helps you in the rankings. However, there’s also something called keyword stuffing.

This is a concept that you want to avoid. So in this post, we’ll talk about keyword stuffing in SEO and why you should stay away from it to avoid hurting your rankings.

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What Is Keyword Stuffing In SEO?

Simply put, keyword stuffing is a spammy technique. It involves placing a high volume of keywords on your page in the hopes that you’ll rank highly for that keyword. In the old days of SEO, keyword stuffing used to be a strategy that worked.

However, Google eventually caught on. Now search engines actually punish your page if you use too many keywords. Instead of simply keywords, search engines now look at the overall quality and content experience of a page.

What Is Keyword Stuffing – Example

On a 500-word blog post, if you use the keyword two or three times, you’re good to go. Keyword stuffing would be if you start using it five, ten, or 20 times or more.

People will think you’re being spammy and instead of getting better rankings for that keyword, the opposite will happen.

Ask our experts in SEO Services in Atlanta to learn more about what’s considered stuffing.

Alternatives To Keyword Stuffing

If you can only use your target keyword a few times on each page, then how do you stand out amongst the other webpages targeting that same keyword?

1. Content Quality

Aim to create new, unique content for each page. Answer questions and solve problems that your competitors are not doing. This will result in higher click-through rates, more engagement, and more time on your pages.

Ultimately, this will indicate to Google that your page must be highly relevant to people searching for that query.

2. LSI Keywords

LSI keywords refers to a strategy of using similar keywords to your main keyword. If done correctly, this can help improve your website pages’ ranking. Just like with keyword stuffing, you can overdo it using LSI keywords.

However, you should still aim to use a few LSI phrases throughout your content. For instance, if your primary keyword is red basketball shoes, an LSI keyword might be red b-ball shoes, red b-ball sneakers, or red basketball high tops.

It’s okay to use some LSI keywords sprinkled throughout your content. But again, you want to avoid making it obvious by using too many of them.

3. Focus On Placement Instead Of Stuffing

A great way to tell Google what your page is about without stuffing keywords is to place your primary keywords in a few key spots. For instance, you can place your keyword in the title tags like H1, H2, or H3, meta description, and the body text.

4. make the Content natural

Obviously, you want to include the keyword in your content, however, make sure to place it where it makes the most sense. Try to make sure all of your sentences are grammatically correct.

You may have to do a little bit of creative thinking when placing keywords that sound wrong or grammatically incorrect. So don’t be afraid to change the keyword a little bit to make it sound natural.

Professional SEO Services in Atlanta

Don’t worry about keyword stuffing ever again. Let the SEO experts at SEO Guru Atlanta help your web pages rank higher for the keywords you’re targeting. With a  comprehensive strategy, you can begin to outrank competitors. Then you can avoid Google penalties from spammy techniques like keyword stuffing.