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What Is The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business?

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What Is The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business?

Social media is one of the top ways for new businesses who want to find customers. Now that social media is such a big part of our lives, it’s impossible to ignore for businesses that want to grow their presence online.

But what social media platforms are the best for your business? Our social media marketing experts in Atlanta want to let you know which ones are the best.

There are many other social media platforms not listed here, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good for businesses! Creating a social media strategy requires an understanding of multiple social media platforms and how they can work together to grow your presence.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Business


Facebook, for many advertisers and marketers, is considered “old reliable” because of how effective it has been for marketing. It’s a haven for bored users to click on content that was deemed by the algorithm to be relevant to them.

Facebook’s demographics have shifted considerably in the past few years, with much of the millennial base moving to Instagram. Gen Z doesn’t use Facebook nearly as much as older generations do, preferring instead to use Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.

These days, success on Facebook is generally relegated to those who are willing to buy ads on the platform. This is due to several algorithm changes that have affected the ability of businesses to grow a following organically.


Instagram, a Facebook owned property, has well over a billion active users and is one of the best places to market nearly any type of business (so long as it is compliant with their terms of service!) Instagram started out as a social network focused on millennials, but has now grown to the point where all generations are active on it.

What makes Instagram so much more powerful than Facebook for businesses is how people find content. The use of hashtags is prevalent on Instagram because people can use hashtags to explore similar content. By using the right hashtags with the right content, your content can reach a large number of people, allowing you to grow a following organically.

Buying ads on Instagram is done the exact same way as buying ads on Facebook. You can target people on Instagram using largely the same parameters as you would on Facebook, if you were buying ads.


If Instagram is the king of social media for millennials, then Snapchat is the prince. Snapchat is a social media platform where users send short photo or video messages to others. People can also post to their Snapchat stories, which are available to the public for 24 hours.

If your social media strategy revolves around targeting younger users, Snapchat is the place for you. With over 229 million DAILY active users on Snapchat, you’re sure to reach your market there.


LinkedIn is a bit of a change of pace from the other social networks listed. It’s focused on upwardly mobile professionals, with the majority of the userbase using it to either get a job or fill a position at their company. It’s not quite like Facebook or Instagram where the majority of users are looking for entertainment. LinkedIn users are looking to learn and build relationships with people that can help their careers.

However, there is a business use for LinkedIn. If you sell business-to-business (B2B) and your sales process revolves around building relationships with decision makers, LinkedIn is the social media platform for you.

Looking for social media marketing for your Atlanta business? Contact SEO Guru Atlanta to get an assessment of your social media strategy!