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Why Doesn’t My Business Show Up On Google Maps?

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Why Doesn't My Business Show Up On Google Maps?

You have  probably gone onto your phone or your computer and Googled a local business hundreds of times in your life, if not more. After all, it’s become second nature for most of us in today’s day and age.

But what happens when you realize, “Hey, why isn’t my business showing up on Google Maps?” You simply don’t know about it and neither do customers at that point. And the reality is that a verified business not showing on Google Maps is not unheard of.

So you’re likely wondering why you can’t find your business on Google in the first place. And that’s an important problem to solve. Especially if you provide in-person services or products, it’s the biggest improvement you can make to increase sales and revenue.

Keep reading and we’ll talk about why you might not be able to be found on Google Maps and what to do about it.

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Why Does My Business Not Show Up On Google Maps?

To start, one of the main reasons for a business not appearing on Google Maps is that you simply didn’t set up your listing. It can become confusing to set it up with your proper information, as well as create the accompanying website.

Another common reason is impatience. It won’t happen overnight. Google will need to approve your business and also send you physical address verification to prove you live or work there.

Finally, a lot of business owners don’t have a skilled team of SEO specialists. So they may input information wrong, misinterpret Google’s guidelines, or make other costly SEO mistakes.

Seek Help With Your Local SEO

Local SEO in Atlanta is not just about creating excellent content. It’s also about understanding how Google works and submitting your business information in the right places early and often.

Ultimately, it’s not something that a business owner should have to take on by themselves. You have plenty of other things to do to grow your brand.

So reach out to the experts at SEO Guru Atlanta — we’ll help you be found for relevant searches on Google Maps so you can enjoy more traffic organically in your market.

And instead saying “My business is not showing up on Google Maps” you can focus on growing your business. So reach out to us today.