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Why You Need a Social Media Calendar (And How to Make the Maintaining One Easier)

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Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

Do you have a social media content calendar? If not, it’s time to get one. Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing process, but it can be difficult to keep up with posting content on multiple platforms. That’s where a social media calendar comes in handy.

In this blog post, we will discuss why a small business social media content calendar is necessary for any business and the various ways in which you can create your own.

What Is a Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media content calendar is a template that you can use to organize your posts and plan out the timing of when they will be shared. This can help you see where you are accidentally duplicating ideas, plan around important holidays, and even help you determine if a particular date isn’t appropriate for the given content.

Some platforms (like Facebook) allow you to schedule posts in advance, but it’s always best for businesses to write their own copy instead of having software do it automatically.

What Are the Benefits of a Social Media Content Calendar?

Making a social media content calendar might feel like yet another chore on your list. However, it is an important one. There are several benefits associated with using a social media calendar, including:

  • Provides structure: Having an organized way of creating and sharing content makes running your business much easier.
  • Keeps things consistent: When people know what days certain types of information will be shared, they become more engaged.
  • Helps engage new customers: A steady stream on social media helps keep customers engaged so that they check back again and again.

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Now that you understand why it’s important to use a social media content calendar, we will share some tips on how creating your own can be easier than ever before. Here are six ways in which using an online tool for this is beneficial:

  1. You don’t have to schedule everything at once: A lot of the calendars available allow users to make changes over time.
  2. It helps keep track of deadlines: If you rely on email reminders or checking things off lists, these digital tools work even better.
  3. There is no guesswork involved when updating platforms: The software allows businesses to update their Facebook page with confidence because there won’t be any mistakes.
  4. You can add in multiple people: This is helpful when you want to delegate responsibility or share the workload.
  5. Lots of templates and designs are available: From color themes to layouts, there’s a lot that your business can choose from so it has its own unique feel.
  6. It’s easy for everyone involved: Scheduling content used to require complicated software and lots of training time; these platforms make things much simpler for anyone who knows how to use an email app being able to get started.

If you’re interested in using a social media calendar but aren’t sure where to start, speak with SEO Guru Atlanta. As an SEO company in Atlanta, we can create a custom calendar that is perfect for your needs.

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