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Business listing submission Atlanta are a great way to enhance your company’s online presence. Google, Bing and Yahoo each scan all the reputable directories and compare the results. If Google finds more than a single address, phone number, website URL, business name or email for the same company, that listing will “flagged” and it could hurt your rankings in the search engines.

Having the wrong information in business listings can also make it hard for prospects and customers to find you. Outdated information online can impact a prospect or client’s perception of your company and they may move on to do business with a competitor instead of you. If you find listings that have old or incorrect information, try to claim the listing and update the information.

The problem with trying to claim listings and updating them is you may not be able to claim the listing. Plus, this is a time consuming and tedious process with verification emails and waiting periods. You may have to go back in a week or two to check your listing and it may or may not be updated. Plus you may have to pay for premium listings with each directory, which can get expensive.

Business Listing Submission
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Do you have multiple locations? This can present an even bigger challenge.

Incorrect wrong business information may reside on dozens of different websites so finding them all and then correcting them can be a daunting task. There is a better way.

As part of our SEO audit of your website, we scan the top business directories, search engines and mobile apps and check your business listings. If your company is not listed, we will create a listing with your company information including your logo and even videos. When we find incorrect or duplicate information, we can correct the information and replace it with the correct data so all of your online information is up to date and accurate.


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