16,599 Organic Traffic Growth & 620 Leads in 7 Months 1

Company Overview

A family-owned enterprise nestled beneath the iconic London Bridge by Shugrues, this business specializes in an extensive range of boat and sit-down jet ski rentals.

The establishment takes pride not only in offering a diverse array of boats tailored to the distinctive needs and preferences of their patrons but also in providing a friendly and knowledgeable staff capable of instructing on watercraft operation. Whether one seeks a spacious pontoon or a nimble speed boat, they guarantee the ideal rental option.

Challenges / Before SEO

16,599 Organic Traffic Growth & 620 Leads in 7 Months 2
16,599 Organic Traffic Growth & 620 Leads in 7 Months 3


Organic Traffic Growth:

Increase organic visitors through the optimization of on-page SEO strategies.

Keyword Rankings:

Improve the website's ranking for relevant keywords in the company's industry.

Local Presence:

Enhance local presence by emphasizing GEO keywords and integrating reliable geographical elements.

Content Strategy:

Redesigned the website and created traffic-driving blog posts centered around specific service pages.

Customer Engagement:

Improve customer engagement by enhancing website usability & implementing interactive elements.

Backlink Strategy:

Enhance the backlink profile with ethical link-building methods & connect with pertinent industry websites through outreach.

Our Approach

The Company joined forces with our team to address these challenges & work towards achieving the objectives.

After a detailed website audit, our team boosted On-Page SEO by refining meta tags, descriptions, and HX tags, while improving overall content quality. This optimization ensures each page is search engine-friendly. Additionally, revamped CTAs led to increased leads.

We crafted and executed a content strategy focused on creating valuable, informative, and engaging content. This approach addresses user queries, enhances on-page SEO, and positions the website as an authoritative resource in its niche.

We revamped the website with a user-centric approach, prioritizing mobile responsiveness, intuitive navigation, and visually enticing layouts to slash bounce rates and boost engagement. Our lead generation soared through strategic content marketing, enticing lead magnets, and optimized landing pages tailored to address the unique needs and pain points of our target audience.

Results - Traffic & Leads Growth

Organic Source is the Highest Traffic Driving Source

16,599 Organic Traffic in 7 Months

620 Calls in 7 Months

16,599 Organic Traffic Growth & 620 Leads in 7 Months 4
16,599 Organic Traffic Growth & 620 Leads in 7 Months 5

Keyword Ranking Improvement

Started ranking in the map pack of Google and Bing

33 KeywordsRanking in the local pack.

34 KeywordsRanking on the first page.

Overall Organic Keywords Ranking -
As Per Ahrefs

844Overall Organic Keywords are ranking

38 Keywords Ranking in The Top 3 Positions.

16,599 Organic Traffic Growth & 620 Leads in 7 Months 6
16,599 Organic Traffic Growth & 620 Leads in 7 Months 7

Increase in Clicks and Impressions

Significant increase in Clicks and Impressions

271 K Impressions Received in 7 Months

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