643% Organic Traffic Growth & 196% Increase in Leads 1

Company Overview

The passport and visa expediting agency is a service provider that operates under authorization from the U.S. Department of State to facilitate the efficient processing of passport and visa documents. Their scope extends to assisting both individuals and corporate employees in securing U.S. passports and international visas. With a commitment to speed, ease, security, and a hassle-free experience, the agency primarily operates on an appointment basis.

Challenges / Before SEO

643% Organic Traffic Growth & 196% Increase in Leads 2
643% Organic Traffic Growth & 196% Increase in Leads 3


Organic Traffic Growth:

Boost organic website traffic through the optimization of on-page SEO strategies.

Keyword Rankings:

Enhance the website's positions for pertinent keywords within the company’s niche.

Local Presence:

Strengthen local visibility by focusing on GEO pages and incorporating trustworthy geographical factors into the content.

Content Strategy:

Redesigned the website and created traffic-driving blog posts centered around specific service pages.

Customer Engagement:

Improve customer engagement by enhancing website usability & implementing interactive elements.

Backlink Strategy:

Strengthen the backlink profile through ethical link-building practices, outreach to relevant industry websites.

Our Approach

The Passport Agency joined forces with our team to address these challenges & work towards achieving the objectives.

We conducted a thorough website audit to identify areas for improvement. Our team strengthened the On-Page SEO technique by refining meta tags, meta descriptions, and HX tags, as well as enhancing the general quality of content. As a result, each page was properly optimized for search engines.

We also enhanced the CTA’s that helped us to increase the leads.

We developed and implemented a content strategy that involves creating relevant, informative, and engaging content to address user queries, improve on-page SEO, and establish the website as an authoritative resource in its niche.

We enhanced the website design for a seamless user experience, focusing on mobile responsiveness, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing layouts to reduce bounce rates and improve overall engagement. Increased lead generation through targeted content marketing, lead magnets, and optimized landing pages, focusing on addressing the specific needs and pain points of the target audience.

We enhance the local presence by optimizing Google Business Profile (GBP), creating GEO pages, and employing local SEO tactics to improve visibility within the targeted geographic areas. Simultaneously, we actively work towards fortifying our backlink profile through ethical and industry-aligned link-building practices.

Results - Traffic & Leads Growth

Organic Source is the Highest Traffic Driving Source.

643% Organic Traffic Growth

196% Increase in Leads

256% Increase in Calls

643% Organic Traffic Growth & 196% Increase in Leads 4
643% Organic Traffic Growth & 196% Increase in Leads 5

Results - Keyword Ranking Improvement

15 Keywords are ranked in the Top 3 position of the map pack

24 Keywords Ranking in the local pack.

20 KeywordsRanking on the First Page of Google.

Increase In Clicks and Impressions

643% Organic Traffic Growth & 196% Increase in Leads 6

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