88% Growth In Organic Traffic Brings 121 New Leads To Medical Practice 1

Dr Jalil needed help boosting their online presence and reaching more of their local, targeted prospects.

Prior to SEO:

Dr Jalil, a bariatric surgeon in Mexico came to us in November of 2019, with some online presence. They wanted to improve their local presence by increasing organic rankings and traffic to their website and increase clientele. At the time they signed on for our SEO services they had just 2 keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines. After just a few months we’re delivering over 100 leads per month.

For example, last month they had 78 website form completions. When we started, they were getting close to zero 16 calls from Google Organic search 10 calls from Google Ads.

Our Approach:


Keyword Ranking

First Page in Major Search Engines

88% Growth In Organic Traffic Brings 121 New Leads To Medical Practice 2
  • Keywords ranking on 1st page Nov 2019: 02
  • Keywords ranking on 1st page May 2020: 12

Keyword “Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico” which is having monthly search volume of 590, was not raking in top 100 position in Nov 2019 after performing SEO efforts it is ranking on 7th position (Page 1 of Google).

Page 1 Ranking for Keyword - Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

Organic Traffic

Increased Organic Traffic and Goals

88% Organic Traffic Growth

*Major Search Engines defined as Google and Bing

  • Increase in Organic Sessions – 2,181 (+88%)
  • Increase in Organic Avg. Sessions Duration – 00:03:47 (+38%)
  • Increase in Organic Goals – 121 (+100%)
Google Analytics Data
Organic traffic comparison in Google Analytics – Nov 2019 to May 2020 Vs April 2019 to Oct 2019

Google Search Console

Increased Number of Clicks and Impressions

Google Search Console Data
As per Google Search Console – Nov 2019 to May 2020
  • Growth in Number of Impressions – 316k (+559%)
  • Growth in Number of Clicks – 917 (+181%)

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