966% Organic Traffic Growth & 165% Increase in Leads 1

Company Overview

An automotive shop specializing in high-end finishes, ceramic coatings, and paint protection films (PPF) for cars, trucks, and boats. They exclusively work with Xpel and Ceramic Pro product lines to provide the best results. Their services include:

With a solid commitment to customer satisfaction, they earned a reputation for delivering exceptional services and products in the automotive industry.

Challenges / Before SEO

966% Organic Traffic Growth & 165% Increase in Leads 2
966% Organic Traffic Growth & 165% Increase in Leads 3


Organic Traffic Growth:

Boost organic website traffic through the optimization of on-page SEO strategies.

Keyword Rankings:

Enhance the website's positions for pertinent keywords within the company’s niche.

Local Presence:

Strengthen local visibility by focusing on GEO pages and incorporating trustworthy geographical factors into the content.

Content Strategy:

Redesigned the website and created traffic-driving blog posts centered around specific service pages.

Our Approach

The Auto Restoration Service Company joined forces with our team to address these challenges and work towards achieving the objectives.

We performed a comprehensive website audit to pinpoint areas requiring enhancement. Our team bolstered the On-Page SEO approach by fine-tuning meta tags, meta descriptions, and HX tags while also elevating the overall content quality. Consequently, each page underwent proper optimization for search engines.

Additionally, we improved the Calls-to-Action (CTAs), leading to a notable increase in generated leads.

To optimize the Google Business (GBP) profile, we ensured it was complete and accurate. We included vital information such as business hours and contact details while showcasing high-quality images that accurately represented our business. Additionally, we actively encouraged our customers to share their experiences and leave reviews on our GMB profile, contributing to the establishment of credibility and trust within our local community.

We took a comprehensive approach. We evaluated and enhanced the design elements to ensure they aligned with SEO best practices. This included optimizing the layout, improving navigation, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. Additionally, we focused on creating a user-friendly experience, optimized images for faster loading times, and implemented structured data markup to enhance search engine understanding. Our goal was to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality while prioritizing elements that positively impacted SEO performance.

We strategically planned and created content for crucial service pages. Furthermore, we bolstered our website’s authority by acquiring backlinks and submitting our articles to high-authority websites. This initiative was aimed at establishing a robust backlink profile for the website.

Results - Traffic & Leads Growth

Organic Source is the Highest Traffic Driving Source.

966% Organic Traffic Growth

165% Increase in Leads

173% Increase in Calls

966% Organic Traffic Growth & 165% Increase in Leads 4
966% Organic Traffic Growth & 165% Increase in Leads 5

Results - Keyword Ranking Improvement

1.8KOrganic Keywords Are Ranked

41 KeywordsRanked in the Top 3 Positions
on Google

Results - Traffic From Blog Posts

424 Keywords Ranked for Featured Snippet

966% Organic Traffic Growth & 165% Increase in Leads 6
966% Organic Traffic Growth & 165% Increase in Leads 7

Increase In Clicks and Impressions

Significant increase in Clicks and Impressions

1.66 Million Impressions received in the last 16 months

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