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E-commerce sites can attract a high volume of traffic from the huge increase in online shoppers in recent years. Organic search traffic can easily surpass paid traffic from Google Shopping, Google Search, Adroll banner ads, Facebook and other paid traffic, not only in volume but also in conversion rate. With well-executed SEO for an e-commerce site in Atlanta, sales can soar.

We began working with an e-commerce store who had worked with other SEO agencies in the past with very poor results. They continued to rely on very expensive paid traffic to sell their product in Google Search and Google Shopping, but with relatively low margins once the ad cost and management fees were accounted for. In just a few months their organic search traffic increased over 112% (from about 1,700 visitors to over 3,700 visitors per month), their sales from organic search increased over 145% and the volume of transactions was up over 163%.

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With more quality traffic to their site, their sales exploded along with their revenue. They now have two major sources of traffic, Organic Search (because of E-commerce SEO services) and Pay-per-click (Google Shopping/Adwords), so their business is far more stable and profitable.

E-commerce sites usually face fierce competition and commonly compete with sites like Amazon, Walmart, and other big online retailers. However, the volume of online shoppers is incredible. Here are some figures from e-commerce platform BigCommerce.com

The Facts

Over 50% of Americans and 67% of Millenials prefer online shopping over traditional retail

80% of Americans have made an online purchase in the last month alone (80%!)

Ecommerce is growing at a rate of over 23% YOY (year over year)

46% of online shoppers have shopped at independent webstores, 76% at large sites (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)

Gen Xers and Millennials spend six hours each week shopping online, nearly an hour per day

Online shopping sales are expected to exceed $370B in 2017

If you have an ecommerce store and sales from organic search are not what you expect them to be, schedule a strategy session with us to see how you can increase your revenue.
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