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It’s All About Performance

For Franchise SEO in Atlanta and Franchise SEO Cumming clients, having a client dashboard that provides all the information you need to see how you are performing online can be the difference between success and failure.  Our digital intelligence dashboard is a user-friendly platform, which includes:

Search Engine Optimization

We Are Experts In The Franchise SEO Process in Atlanta

In-depth Business Consultation

Client Consultation

Take advantage our free SEO audit tool and competitors spying report to see how your website is doing and how your competitors are beating you online. We’re certain you’ll want to have an initial conversation to gain trust with our methods ad expertise and help us to gain insight into your franchise needs and goals.

Research and Analysis

Research And Analysis

We perform in-depth analysis to get a deep view of your franchises’ digital performance, your brand’s visibility, and details and insights into your top competitors.

Recommendations for Tailored Local SEO Strategy

A Custom Franchise SEO plan

We develop a custom tailored SEO plan for your Franchise(s) that will increase your business’s search engine rankings and produce the best ROA for your business.



Our technical expertise is put to good use in optimizing on-page elements, like the latest Title tags, Schema tags, H tags, image alt tags, link titles, internal linking, NAP data, Google maps, and content optimization to ensure the search engines know what your site is about and indexes it correctly.

Traffic Drivers

Traffic Drivers

We specialize in local search SEO and local Search engine marketing methods such as high quality content development, link building, Google Adwords, and Facebook ads to derive high-volume, low cost and highly qualified traffic to your site.

Results Tracking

Results Tracking

Review tools are integrated with your site to allow you to see, monitor and manage your digital reputation on all platforms. By providing social analytics and digital intelligence dashboards, you can see how our SEO efforts are performing online.

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Differentiation is Key in Atlanta Franchise SEO

A franchise is a hybrid, both a brand and an individual stand-alone business. While the brand gives you instant recognition with customers, in the world of SEO, it does not provide a unique distinction. In order for Google to perceive authority, relevance and trust, differentiating your franchise in the community is crucial. SEO Guru Atlanta specializes in building keywords, content, social media links, and optimization that focus on what your franchise does for customers in the community.




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in Atlanta

Content is King. Using a variety of content such as blogs, videos, podcasts, Infographics, and social media posts that are meticulously crafted and SEO optimized to reach your target audience is critical for growth in franchise search engine rankings.

You can Never Optimize Enough. A large part of Franchise SEO in Atlanta is locating, auditing, and tweaking existing website pages, listings, citations, Google My Business Pages, Social Media pages, map listings, content and links to ensure that pages load promptly, search engines can crawl and index information easily and accurately, and users are provided an enhanced experience.

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Previous Projects

Our SEO Case Studies

SEO & Ads For New Patient Acquisition: 242 Leads In The First 7 Weeks… This is How We Did it!

Opening a new weight loss center is a great addition to any community; especially those who have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise but need a different solution.  This case study details how we used SEO and PPC to bring new patients to a surgical weight loss center that recently opened.

If you are not using SEO for Franchise Atlanta or SEO for Franchise Cumming, you likely have little visible presence online. SEO Guru Atlanta has particular expertise in SEO for Franchises for local SEO and organic brand recognition. We develop a comprehensive tailored solution for your franchise business needs and goals. Our experienced team creates a marketing campaign from start to finish focusing on specific keywords, pinpointed optimization, and high value content that gets results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franchise SEO in Atlanta

Franchise SEO is a process that is designed to improve a franchise business site’s organic search rankings to drive quality target audience traffic to the site.

Your franchise is built on a well-recognized brand that is visible nationwide but your particular franchise is a local business. You need specific strategies that will capitalize on that brand recognition but draw in local customers to generate sales.

We use a variety of strategies such as search engine optimization so prospects and new customer can find you online, content creation to get you noticed and keep people on your page, PPC campaigns that bring the most visitors for the lowest cost per click, social media promotion, and link building to get your website placed higher.

Most business owners are not experts in every facet of business. You probably wouldn’t be comfortable drafting your franchise legal agreements, so you would hire a law firm experienced in franchise law. An SEO services company experienced in Franchise SEO handles the building and day-to-day monitoring of your online presence, rankings, traffic patterns and optimizes as necessary to increase traffic and conversions.

With an experienced SEO partner, results should be evident between 3 to 6 months. The exact amount of time will depend on a number of factors such as the type of industry your business operates in, your website, the strategy chosen etc.

We provide a free client Dashboard that provides clear metrics, which shoe the work we are doing and the results of that work.  In addition, we provide monthly detailed reports showing exactly how your business in performing in traffic, rankings, conversions etc.


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