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You may be familiar with Google search results showing local businesses. The results have a small balloon next to them and include some details about the business. If you have a local business in Atlanta, GA either with a physical location that customers go to, such as a store or office, or a service company that goes to the customer’s location, having a strong presence in the local maps results can be the difference between success and failure.
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We specialize in getting our clients listed at the top of the local search results with our Google maps SEO in Atlanta. We are experts at Google Plus, the platform Google uses to source information for the local search results, Google Maps and Google My Business. We create fully optimized Google Plus accounts to get the most out of local search.

Isn’t it enough just to create a Google My Business listing? Maybe, but many of our clients are in competitive niches, or markets, where there are already plenty of Google Plus pages. So how do we get our clients to the top? There are many ingredients in our formula for success, such as having an optimized, trusted and ranked website linked to the Google Plus page, inbound links, matching business listings, social signals and many others.


Local Maps SEO Example

It’s become a complicated and time consuming task, but we are up the challenge. Here is an example of a client’s listing in the search results. The screen shot was made while logged out of Google using the Chrome browser “incognito mode”.
You can see listing with the balloon beside it. The company address and phone number is shown so your prospect or customer call call you without any more clicks. Also shown are the number of reviews and a link to the Google Plus page. Beneath that are “site links”, which link directly to internal website pages relevant to the search results. Google provides the site links to help the searcher find the sought after information faster.
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Google Maps SEO in Cumming
You’ll also notice a very large map on the right with our clients name prominently shown. The button labeled “Directions” will launch Google Maps so your prospect or customer can easily get directions to your place of business

Our clients consistently dominate page 1 of Google in the local search results. If you’re ready to focus on growing your business, choose SEO Guru Atlanta and your partner and leave the online marketing to us and get your business ranked at #1 in maps with our Google maps SEO in Atlanta & Cumming. You’ll be glad you did.


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How We Dominated Page 1 In 10 Cities, and Can Do It For You Too!

Opening a new business is a great addition to any community, especially companies that help to improve the aesthetics and value of homes and commercial property in the community. This case study details how we used local SEO to bring new clients to a company, whose primary focus is concrete floor coating, to the top of Google for all the best keywords in multiple competitive and valuable markets.

SEO Guru Atlanta is an established Local SEO Company Atlanta and Local SEO Company Cumming. We offer SO services that will help increase your company’s visibility in search engines that results in increased traffic to your website. Our strategic plan will provide you with a reliable, affordable campaign that leads to website visitors who call, email, or make a purchase from your business. Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers say.

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Frequently Asked Question About Google Maps SEO in Atlanta

Not every business will benefit from local SEO services. Businesses that have a local location or that do not have any physical locations won’t see results from this strategy. Any B2C business that does business in-person in a given community will benefit the most from a local SEO strategy.

If you have a website and are not appearing on the first page of search results for commonly searched local keywords, you need Local SEO services.

Google Adwords will put your business on the first page of search results immediately, but to stay there you must pay for each click. SEO is a longer term strategy that lets you know what people are clicking to arrive at your website, drives people to your website consistently over time, and reduces the cost per click.

Yes. When your business draws customers from more than one community or city, say the City of Cumming and the City of Atlanta, it makes a lot of sense to optimize your site for both localities.

Pricing for Local SEO service varies depending on your business needs and goals. A good local SEO company will tailor a plan according to your budget and needs. Implementing the plan in steps spread out over time can help in providing business goals at an affordable price.

Keyword research, onsite SEO and integration with Google My Business and Google 3-Pack, building accurate local business listings across the web, offsite SEO, local infused content creation, and local link building.


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