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Bariatric surgery has become more popular in recent years, leading many people to search for information on bariatric procedures, bariatric clinics, and how they can get started. Although there are many bariatric surgeons out there, not all of them are easy to find. This is where SEO Guru Atlanta comes in.
Your clinic has a website, but are people able to find it when they look for bariatric surgeons? If not, then SEO for bariatrics physicians can help. At SEO Guru Atlanta, we’ve figured out a system that has helped our clients grow their bariatric surgery clinic. Our bariatrics SEO experts can help your website get the rankings that it deserves so that people in your community can find you and schedule a consultation with you.
With higher rankings comes more traffic. With more traffic comes leads. Most importantly, more leads equals more revenue for your practice.
We’re so confident in our system that we guarantee that you will get leads as a result of our marketing efforts, or your money back. That’s right: if you sign up with us and you don’t get leads, then we’ll give you a full refund.
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Why Is Bariatric Surgery Search Engine Optimization So Important?

Bariatrics SEO and marketing are some of the most important things that a weight loss center can invest in. Why? Because, if done correctly, search traffic will become a core source of revenue for your practice.
Search traffic is made up of people who are in varying stages of the customer journey. Some people are simply looking for information about bariatric surgery. By providing this information to them, you become an authority in their minds. But, some people are looking to speak to a surgeon about their bariatric surgery options. This is where our methods really shine and this is how you can turn an information seeker into a hot lead.

What SEO Guru Atlanta will do for you:

  • Identify the best keywords to target and optimize for
  • Create a content plan for you, as well as SEO optimized quality content for your website
  • Build links, publish press releases, and grow your presence online
  • Use content and a well-optimized website to turn searchers into leads

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Opening a new business is a great addition to any community, especially companies that help to improve the aesthetics and value of homes and commercial property in the community. This case study details how we used local SEO to bring new clients to a company, whose primary focus is concrete floor coating, to the top of Google for all the best keywords in multiple competitive and valuable markets.

SEO Guru Atlanta is an established Local SEO Company Atlanta and Local SEO Company Cumming. We offer SO services that will help increase your company’s visibility in search engines that results in increased traffic to your website. Our strategic plan will provide you with a reliable, affordable campaign that leads to website visitors who call, email, or make a purchase from your business. Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers say.

FAQ's on Bariatric Surgery SEO

Our approach to bariatrics SEO is simple. First, we optimize the website to be more SEO friendly. Second, we optimize off-site profiles such as Google My Business. Then, we create high-quality article content for your website and optimize this for the search engines. All the while, we build quality local links and aim to get you results as quickly as possible.

If your goal is to be found by the people searching for you, bariatrics SEO experts can help. Many people are searching for bariatric surgery every day, and your practice might be just what they’re looking for. We help make it easy for them to find you so they can schedule a consultation and become a lead.

The main two benefits are lead generation and building your domain authority. When targeting certain keywords, your website will be shown to people who are looking to take the next step in their weight loss journey. Your content will also appear to people searching for it, which will make you a greater authority in their eyes.

We do not guarantee a specific ranking. Instead, we focus on bottom line results. Our guarantee is that you will get leads from our efforts, or your money back. By focusing on leads, we can prove our true value rather than just ranking for keywords that may not get you any customers.

It depends entirely on the keyword, its competitiveness, your local market, and what kind of content we’re pushing. We promise that you’ll get leads within the first few months. Rankings may take longer for highly competitive keywords.

Yes: we do Google PPC for bariatric clinics as well as social media marketing and management. Our goal is to help your business grow, and we will do that in whichever way we can. By offering a wide array of services, we’re better able to serve bariatric clinics who want to grow their presence online.

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SEO Guru Atlanta provides 100% Leads in SEO for Bariatric Surgery Practice