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Mass tort cases can be a goldmine for law firms seeking to assist clients who intend on being part of a large lawsuit. This is an opportunity that more and more law firms are taking advantage of. However, many of these firms find that it is not easy to get enough clients to make pursuing the case worthwhile. SEO Guru Atlanta is here to help law firms get mass tort leads at a scale and price that can make the endeavor worthwhile.
Mass tort marketing often faces some key issues. First, it’s not always easy to get in touch with potential mass tort claimants. Second, much of the mass tort advertising done by lawyers focuses on scare tactics. Third, other firms will get in on the action once the case hits the news. Lastly, some of the leads acquired by mass tort marketing may not be fully vetted.
SEO Guru Atlanta’s mass tort lead generation is unique. We use Big Data and Machine Learning to identify members of a class, and then advertise only to them. We are able to get your message in front of the right prospects at the right time.
If you’re looking for quality mass tort leads, SEO Guru Atlanta is the right choice. Best of all, we guarantee that our mass tort marketing efforts will generate leads or your money back! Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we will generate leads for your mass tort claim.

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Mass Tort Legal Marketing for Attorneys: Things to Consider

Mass tort cases are growing in popularity among law firms, in large part because mass tort cases can generate some large settlement amounts. For example, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer AG settled for $775 million in March 2019 when they were hit with over 25,000 lawsuits against their blood thinner Xarelto. This blood thinner was causing internal bleeding and was responsible for several deaths and thousands of injuries.
However, it must be noted that in order for a mass tort case to drive leads, the law firm must be aware of the nature of the problem. Ideally, a law firm representing a large number of clients in a mass tort case will have an idea of the scale of the issue before the public has time to react. Action must be taken quickly, and your marketing efforts must aim to be as timely as possible. These early efforts will be helped by additional marketing later in the life of the case as bellwether trial outcomes and settlement details become known to the public.

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A tort claim happens when someone files a claim that the opposing party has committed a civil wrong (rather than a criminal act) that results in financial loss or personal injury. A tort claim may or may not become a lawsuit depending on the actions of both parties. Most tort claims end up either dismissed or settled before going to court.

The types of damages compensable in a mass tort claim are the same as any personal injury lawsuit. They are financial damages (or economic damages) which directly affect your finances, and non-economic damages which are often referred to the public as “pain and suffering”. Economic damages include added medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning ability, and property damage.

The first step is that victims separately file their own personal injury claims. Then, the lawyers involved may bring the matter forward by asking the court’s permission to file a mass tort claim. Once approved, a judge will look over it and then decide whether or not to release the case details to the press. Mass tort claims are not combined into a single lawsuit (like a class action) but instead represent multiple different claims with different potential damages.

Every mass tort claim is different. In many cases, mass tort claims may take a year or more to reach a settlement. Not only that, but not all plaintiffs will choose to settle and some may make it further to trial.

As a claimant in a mass tort case, you can claim both economic and non-economic damages. The attorneys will have to review records such as testimony, medical records, and evidence gained by other claimants to determine what kind of damages you’re likely to get.

Most lawyers will not require money to be paid up front for a mass tort case. Because mass tort cases often involve very large settlements, it’s often advantageous to the attorney to get as many qualified claimants as possible on the case. Thus, law firms typically work with mass tort clients on a contingency basis.

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