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Having a great website with great content is the first step in developing an online presence. Many of our clients have spent thousands of dollars creating a website and then hoped people would find the site, contact them and business would be booming.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Inbound links, also known as “backlinks”, to your website are critical to capturing top rankings for competitive keywords. Over the last couple of years, Google has rolled out a series of search algorithm updates to find sites with “spammy” or low quality inbound links. A bad link profile could result in a penalty, meaning the site lost rankings. So I site that had been on page one was suddenly on page 3, 10, 100 or not ranked at all.

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What is bad link profile?

There are several types of links that have resulted in penalties. For example, private blog networks have been used for link building schemes. When the networks are discovered (and sooner or later they are all discovered), sites with links from those networks may be penalized and all the blogs in the network are de-indexed. Links from low quality sites with poor or duplicate content and lots of outbound links and few inbound links can certainly hurt a sites rankings. Links generated by software have little to no value since the algorithm updates have been introduced, but can still result in a penalty.

How to recover from a penalty?

The problem of bad link profiles caused so much concern amongst website owners that Google created a “disavow” tool where website owners can submit a list of links that may have caused them to lose their rankings. It’s like confessing to Google that you or someone you hired may have done something wrong and you want to make things right. We’ve had clients come to us after the rankings plummeted and we have successfully recovered their rankings by analyzing their backlink profile, creating a file and submitting to Google via the disavow tool.
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How We Build Links?

We only engage in white-hat SEO practices to ensure the long term success of our clients. We gain links by making sites that others want to link to, and sometimes this means updating or revising the website content. We promote sites via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, plus another 60+ social media sites used my millions of people daily. Guest blogging is another fantastic way to get inbound links. This is where we write original, high quality blog posts that other relevant, high quality sites are more than happy to host with a link back to our client’s site. Add press releases, content syndication, directory and search engine listings to the mix and you have a formula for success.

Leave the heavy lifting of link building Atlanta to the SEO Guru so you can focus on providing great products and services to your customers.

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